Ch. 8-10 (9 weeks exam)

Question Answer
Which type of bird foot always has 3 toes forward and one toe back? perching
What part of a bird egg is made of calcium carbonate? shell
Insects with wings that form an X on their backs belong to the order? Hemiptera
The largest order of insects is Coleoptera
What is the upper half of a turtle's shell called carapace
True bugs belong to the order Hemiptera
The feathers extending from a bird's hand to the tip of its wing are called primary flight feathers
What is the largest known fish whale shark
The large ridge on a bird's sternum to which the flight muscles are anchored is the keel
What is the correct order of complete metamorphosis egg, larva, pupa, adult
In Which type of flight does a bird use thermals to gain altitude soaring
The type of snake movement used to move across sandy ground is sidewinding movement
What term refers to any built in knowledge that an animal is born with instinct
To what order do most social insects belong Hymenoptera
What is a female insect's egg laying structure ovipositor
Air enters an insect's respiratory system through openings called ? which connect directly to tubes called ? spiracles, tracheae
The 3 main groups of social wasps are paper wasps, hornets, yellow jackets
The process through which an insect sheds its external skeleton is called molting
The two cartilaginous fish that lack jaws is the hagfish, lamprey
The lizardlike reptile with a parietal eye is the tuatara
The outside skeleton of an arthropod is called an exoskeleton
From front to back, the 3 major divisions of an insect's body are the head, thorax and abdomen
used by moths to drink nectar proboscis
immature form of an insect that resembles the adult but had different body proportions and lacks wings nymph
structure that moths spend their pupal state in cocoon
an insect's feelers antennae
type of jaw an insect would use to hold food maxilla
a beetle's hardened forewings elytra
little sense organs sensilla
the wormlike growing stage of complete metamorphosis larva
bees and ants Hymenoptera
crickets and grasshoppers Orthoptera
scale winged insects Lepidoptera
wings half hardened and half membranous Hemiptera
flies and mosquitoes Diptera
lacewings and ant lions Neuroptera
beetles Coleoptera
dragonflies and damselflies Odonata
cicadas and leafhoppers Homoptera
two-winged insects Diptera
same winged insects Homoptera
five characteristics of arthropods exoskeleton, jointed legs, segmented bodies, molting, open system of circulation
The food storage sac in a bird's esophagus is the crop
Eyespots help a luna moth scare predators
What term refers to a chick that hatches with insulating feathers and can run or swim soon after birth precocial
Most birds that are or have been hunted for food are game birds
What fluid feeds an unhatched chick yolk
What is the largest lepidopteran atlas moth
identify the toothlike type of scale found on sharks denticle
What is a zoologist who studies insects entomologist
Male bees are called drones
What type of venom attacks the circulatory system hemotoxic
The gills of bony fish are covered by a hard, movable, protective plate called operculum
HOw many pairs of wings do most insects have 2
The group of amphibians that consist of frogs and toads is the anurans
Individual projections attached to a feather's shaft barbs
the fastest flying bird peregrine falcon
an eye with more than one lens compound eye
a bird's sound producing organ syrinx
a migration route that birds follow year after year flyway
the introduction of natural enemies, parasites, or pathogens into an area that is becoming overrun with a particular pest biological control
the substance of which feathers are made keratin
an eye with only one lens simple eye
feathers that provide lightweight insulation down
lepidopterans that are usually nocturnal moths

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