Challenges Facing Facilities Management Departments Construction Essay

Within the coming old ages Facilities Management Departments ( FMD ) are traveling to be faced with a figure of challenges and they will be expected to make a batch more with so much less. These challenges are chiefly due, to the of all time spread outing concern sector ; this enlargement has seen the outgrowth of new edifices taking topographic point at much faster rate, than the renovation or destruction of other predated constructions. But this is merely the tip of the ice Burger, as there are other pertinent issues confronting the FMD such as: ‘The rapid gait of alteration, altering engineering, constructing mechanization, security issues, sustainability, aging edifices, geographic barriers, cultural differences and Environmental factors such as altering regulative environments, rapid population growing and continued restriction of energy resources ‘ ( IMFA 2007 ) .

So the demand for the FMD to integrate new engineering, that utilizes ‘Renewable Energy Sources ‘ to bring forth energy, and cut down the impact that aged edifices in peculiar are holding on the environment is a high precedence. The bulk of these issues presently confronting the FMD are non new, in fact they have been around for a long clip, but have escalated over clip, due to increased human activities.

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Challenges Facing Facilities Management Departments Construction Essay
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‘This is an exciting clip to be a installation direction professional. Although installation direction professionals will confront more challenges than of all time before, they have greater chance to add value for their clients through efficient direction and improved engineering. ‘ ( IFMA 2007 )


‘Time nowadays and clip yesteryear are both possibly contained in clip hereafter and clip hereafter contained in clip yesteryear ‘ ( T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton, The Four Fours )

The purpose of our FMD is to go on to supply a safe, comfy and a good maintained working environment, for both staff and clients. By supplying a full scope of services which incorporates all of the latest engineering presently available, these services are so executed by a an experience and good trained group of people who, are both loyal and committed to accomplishing all the ends set out by the fiscal establishment.

‘ The pattern of organizing the physical workplace with people and work of the organisation, incorporating the rules of concern disposal, architecture and the behavioral and technology scientific discipline ‘ ( Becker 1990 )

There are a figure of new statute laws and technological promotions that have emerged over the last decennary, which has caused the function of the FMD to invariably germinate, therefore necessitating the development of both tactical and strategic methods, so that our ends can be achieved, so that we can hold continued success in this technological development universe.

The FMD is soon executing a figure of services throughout this multi-national fiscal establishment, such as but non limited to, care, energy preservation, fixs, care, security, information engineering ( IT ) , redevelopments, capital reclamation, preparation, cleansing, client services, workplace comfort, tenancy planning, concern continuity planning ( BCP ) etc. So to decently fix this twelvemonth ‘s budget the FMD is proposing that careful consideration be given to the following critical service countries:

New statute laws

Energy preservation

Capital reclamation

Workplace comfort


Energy Conservation – Climate alteration statute laws

There is a turning concern about planetary heating and the permanent impact it ‘s holding on humanity and the environment. Due to this crisis the Global community has implemented a figure of statute laws geared towards the decrease of Carbon Dioxide ( CO2 ) emanations, two ( 2 ) of which are the ‘Kyoto Protocol ‘ See Appendix 1 and ‘Copenhagen Accord ‘ See Appendix 2.

Older edifice particularly consumes a batch more energy than those that were late built ; due to this they are holding a important impact on the environment. So the demand to cut down our CO2 emanations by cut downing our dependence on ‘Fossil Fuels ‘ by utilizing engineering that uses ‘Renewable Energy Sources ‘ to bring forth clean energy. Add a little more

‘Buildings have a important impact on energy usage and the environment. Commercial and residential edifices use about 40 % of the primary energy and about 70 % of the electricity in the United States ‘ ( EIA 2005 )

Capital Renewal – Replacement of out-of-date equipment, edifices etc.

This is an of import procedure which the FMD have already begun to implement, chiefly because the edifices that we soon occupy are in surplus of 10 ( 10 ) old ages old, doing both the HVAC and illuming systems inefficient and disused. Because of this they are the two ( 2 ) of the largest consumers of energy, merely because they are both needed edifice constituents and are indispensable mechanisms for residents comfort.

These technological ascents off all out-of-date equipment, coupled with the installing of Energy Management Control Systems ( EMCS ) and electrical metres, throughout our establishments, are all geared towards cut downing our energy demands. This will enable us to cut down our CO2 emanations and conform to all Climate Change Legislations, with the eventual purpose of cut downing our overall electrical measures.

Workplace Comfort – Customer Servicess

No employers would wish to be on the incorrect side of the jurisprudence, and because of this they are obligated to guarantee that the wellness, safety and public assistance of their all employees are adhered to under ‘Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 ‘ ( HSW which states that employers should:

Supplying safe equipment and working patterns

Guaranting safe handling, storage and transit of goods and substances

Supplying information, preparation and supervising

Supplying a safe topographic point of work with safe entree and emersion

Supplying a safe working environment and installations

So guaranting that all our staffs ‘ demands are met and taken attention in a timely mode is of extreme importance. Due to the fact that our staff can be considered like a individual ‘s bosom in that, they are a critical portion of the establishment and without them we will discontinue to be. Add a little more


This is an built-in portion of any establishment given that engineering alterations on a day-to-day footing, so every attempt should be to see that each member of staff is unbroken update with all of the latest engineering. As is customary with all recessive periods it does non last everlastingly, so by maintaining abreast of all progress engineering, we will non merely be deriving an advantage over all of our rivals, but besides the progress cognition needed for our continued nutriment when this period of economic down bend comes to an terminal. Add a little more

Future Challenges

So what does the hereafter clasp for us as a FMD will apart from being invariably referred to as the ‘Jack of All Trades? ‘ what and where we are most liking header in the hereafter is best summed up by in the followers:

‘The hereafter workplace will convey with it a figure of distinguishable precedences. More efforts to do flexible working a world are likely, necessitating improved IT and communications substructures. The enlargement of a 24/7 work civilization will ask non-stop support installations, with attendant outsourcing, contract and wellness and safety considerations necessitating to be taken into history. Public Private Partnership ( PPP ) and private Finance Initiative ( PFI ) trades and economic force per unit areas will force installations professionals towards more benchmarking, more cost-benefit analysis and more public presentation measuring.

The tightening of edifice ordinances and peculiarly the debut of Part L [ the manifestation of the European Union ‘s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive ( EPBD ) ] is holding tremendous branchings for energy efficiency and the built environment. Buildings account for an estimated 40 per cent of all universe resource ingestion and over 40 per cent of all waste, including nursery gas emanations. EPBD is designed to increase the energy efficiency of all edifices by more than 20 per cent. A cardinal point is whether anyone will desire to lease or have an ‘F’-rated edifice alternatively of an ‘A ‘ or ‘B ‘ one. All these developments should give installations directors a fresh drift to doing their voices heard by senior direction in the times in front.

Facilities for concerns in the hereafter will hold to be more flexible and more streamlined than of all time before. Directors will necessitate to work turning communicating chances and ease an ever-widening scope of support services. Facilities directors need to go more professional and concern oriented. They must develop a public presentation profile that is committed to the demands of their organisation. Facilities directors need a assortment of accomplishments, as all organisations are different, but all should take to derive the attending of the board and non merely be seeable when something goes incorrect. It is one of the most ambitious professions to suppress.

The cardinal point to be made, touching on an earlier remark, is that installations directors are so the stewards of the built environment. ‘ ( Frank Booty )


The present economic clime dictates that one time this recession period is over, the FMD would more than probably take a batch longer to retrieve, already holding to last throughout this clip by implementing both tactical and strategic methods and now holding to cover with budget cuts all in the same clip is rather a batch for any FMD.

So before any FMD budget decreases should take topographic point, there are a figure of options open for us to see before any concluding determination is made on the budget, some of which are:

Why do n’t we look at salvaging alternatively of cutting, for case upon completion of all the capital reclamation undertakings which are soon on watercourse, a major decrease would be seen throughout all off the establishments electrical measures, but for this to go on all on-going undertakings needs to be completed in every bit seasonably a mode a executable possible.

Given that most of our noncore service labor is outsourced, we should see coming up with some kind of partnership understanding, with if non all most of our service provides so as to bring forth new and advanced ways of cut downing our over caput outgo.

So taking into consideration all of the pertinent point discussed trimming of the FMD at this clip would be unwise, given that heavy mulcts would be imposed upon any organisation / establishment non conforming to the new statute laws for CO2 emanation decrease.

Given the current economic clime we are soon confronting, and holding to cover with all the challenges that comes accompany an economic lag, and at the same clip, keeping our vision as being the Prime Minister fiscal pick to both our employees and prospected clients should be of concern. For this ground the followers should be noted:

Addressing the tendencies presented here-through consideration, instruction and preparation-will arm installation direction professionals with the necessary tools required to confront the challenges in front.

In stable conditions directors can be after with greater certainty and are able to place important and longer term issues for which they can easy fix. However, in a prevalent clime of uncertainness and alteration, and with the demand to react rapidly to unanticipated fortunes, directors need to develop attacks that enable them to anticipate future challenges, imagine the impact on the administrations and communities in which they work and develop the schemes and competences needed to retain an advantage.

This is an chance for the FMD to use whatever small resources they presently have at their disposal, to supply their staff and clients with as broad a service scope as possible so as to carry through all their present demands.


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