Chance for Happiness... a Chance for Change Essay

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. ” -Maria Robinson This quote should reflect on all of our lives. We live day by day not knowing what’s capable of happening next but we focus on what’s needed and what we want in our lives. Sure we may not be so proud of the choices we made in the past, but there initially is nothing we can do except to pick ourselves up and move on. What happened in the past is over and done with, but we start to change our future for the better. Also a key thing to always be sure about is how you feel.

Feelings lead to greater things like happiness. Happiness does exist, even if its for just a second. For that second you knew the feeling of happiness and all its great surroundings its comes along with. Happiness gives you every capability of acting like a kid again, jumping around, throwing random punches while saying “YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!! ” and each and every ones of us is guilty of that feeling. Don’t deny it because its something that’s worth it, something that’s always going to be there and never leave your side because we take in happiness but only when we say we want to.

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Chance for Happiness… a Chance for Change Essay
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And we all know this is true. Even just for a second we can take a step back to smile even at our worst times, because no matter how much of an ignorant, arrogant person you are you will always and will forever continue to smile. That mile signifies one of the most important feelings in the world. Happiness…… To have the guts to reveal your mistakes in the past truly tells you something, that you know clearly that things went wrong but looking for a better future.

Every choice we make in life is involving risks, don’t worry about the past life for theres nothing at all we can do, except move on and hope for the best. But rather hoping just take a step back and give yourself a chance to smile. For that smile will forever reign on your future and provide the happiness we all seek for. Happiness doesn’t come from anywhere but the soul. The soul of our hearts reveal the true meaning of our lives. Also, never forget the moments that scarred your heart.

For we are reminded day by day that those scars are real therefore the past is real too. Scars remind us the uncertainty we possessed in the past but scars heal…. take a chance and live on the edge. Sure you may get hurt doing it, but naturally we all do. It’s the balance of things. Not one person on this earth can truly say they enjoyed life without pain, suffering ,or sorrow. Like I said before…. sometimes the things we want to posses might require a little sacrificing. And if you want it that bad.. nothing will stand in the way but yourself.

You are the key to the future you create, make sure your future is worth every single blood, sweat, and tear you’ve spilled. Every single day we create mistakes…but that’s life, we create mistakes to learn from them, but by learning from our mistakes we create new ones. The cycle is never ending. So stand strong, stand tall, and don’t let the little things in life bring you down. Happiness is the soul of success. You are the soul of your life. Make that life something worth being happy for. Make that very happiness that drives you and gives you that sole purpose… to exist today. -Kevin


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