Change Agents Sample Essay

Harmonizing to ( Tandon. 2002 ) . a alteration agent needs many personal features in order to be successful. The function theoretical account of an outstanding alteration agent is embodied by James Shaw. who is described as immature. ambitious. idealistic. demanding. enthusiastic. originative. intelligent. educated. relentless. strong-willed. every bit good as naive. inexperienced. critical and unrealistic. He seems to hold it all. And what his accomplishments portfolio is losing. he compensates by constructing a powerful squad around him. By enrolling former AIESEC members he acquires extra qualities such as ardent address. airy accomplishments. networking and communicating accomplishments. But a alteration agent needs more than that. He has to “keep it real” . as modern society would set it. In the words of ( Tichy. 2007 ) a alteration agent needs to “walk the talk” . he has to be believable. ( Quinn ) states that the chief ground for the failure of alteration attempts is deficiency of personal genuineness. He makes his point really clear by citing Gandhi. who said: “Be the alteration you want to see in the world” .

So does James Shawn truly pattern what he preaches? Is he himself willing to alter or is he merely utilizing his all right accomplishments to advance alteration without any credibleness? James Shawn gained much credibleness due to his extended battle at AIESEC. This pupil organisation is devoted to organize sustainable leaders and a sense of international corporate societal duty precisely the values Shawn wants to implement at PwC. But non merely his background. besides his concrete actions such as the execution of the “triple-bottom-line reporting” and merely his mere committedness. show that so his “heart is in the field” ( Tichy. 2007 ) . Additionally. ( Furnham. 2002 ) . ( Quinn ) . and ( Tichy. 2007 ) all describe another personal feature a successful alteration agents needs to hold: He has to be “bold and free” to ne’er compromise the alteration docket. even if this might be his occupation ( Tichy. 2007 ) .

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Merely when he leaves personal frights behind. when he stands up bravely to take the actions that are necessary to recommend alteration. he becomes a truly effectual alteration agent. ( Furnham. 2002 ) describes assorted signifiers of bravery in item. The 1. which stroke me most. was bravery to neglect. I besides think this is a cardinal quality for alteration agents. because taking alteration means taking an organisation to new evidences. It is about “thinking outside the box” ( Quinn ) and walking down new and sometimes unknown waies. Thus it is in the nature of alteration itself that things do non ever travel right. James Shaw and his squad do hold this bravery. e. g. Shaw dares to show his “radical idea” within his really first hebdomads at work. His surprising paper proposes a “highly unlikely notion” : Measuring the success of PwC by its effects on society and the planetary environment. Another prove for the alteration team’s successful daring is Middleburgh’s attack to the caput of the U. K. house. inquiring him straight what the values of the new house were traveling to be.

Brave Acts of the Apostless like these resulted in valuable new contacts and the support of powerful senior patrons. This connexion between senior executives at the top of the hierarchy and immature alteration agents at the underside is described by James Shaw as another cardinal point for successful alteration. Shaw describes both. seniors and cubs. as holding “similar degrees of self-expression and a wide horizon” . This teamwork combines the advantages of internal alteration agents embodied by the senior executives. and instead external alteration agents represented by their younger co-workers. ( Tichy. 2007 ) besides underlines the benefit of this combination by saying that “the merely bold enterprises were coming from external consultants” . The immature alteration agents contribute their fresh. naive. and yet external position.

They are “not afraid of inquiring dense inquiries or challenge conventions” ( James Shawn ) . The internal alteration agents on the other manus provide credibleness. they “know the political system and the civilization. and they can open doors” ( James Shawn ) . On the whole 1 can state. that James Shawn is genuinely a great alteration agent. He has the needed accomplishments. knows how to enroll a powerful alteration squad to back up him. combines smartly the advantages of external and internal alteration agents. and has the bravery to truly drive grassroots change. including himself in the alteration procedure.

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