Change, Development and Progress Essay

CHANGE, DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRESS Change is the essence of life. Nothing in this universe is static. everything has to move on to sustain its existence. The same is true for a nation. A nation or a country is doomed unless there is a constant change taking place which moulds the lives of the countrymen and takes the country forward. This process of change has to be catalysed by the powers that govern the nation.

In our country, successive democratically elected governments have put the country on the path of progress since independence. Today as a nation we can boast that we are in a position which probably in the furthest of imagination nobody could even dream of when we just attained independence in 1947. As our president Dr. Abdul Kalam has mentioned that by 2020 he dreams of an India which will be recognized as one of the most powerful nations of the world.

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Change, Development and Progress Essay
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The specific areas where the nation has made tremendous progress are extensive industrialization, massive growth in agricultural production resulting in self-sufficiency in food grains and remarkable growth in infrastructure sector specially power and roadways. The industrialization of our country took giant strides with the setting up of the huge steel plants in the public sector, which the then Prime Minister Shri Jawaharlal Nehru described as “The temples of modern India”. The heavy engineering industry also took giant leaps in the post independence era.

Oil, mining,cement and metal industries also progressed significantly. The industrial scenario in the country has undergone a sea change in the last one decade. Liberalisation of economy has exposed the Indian industries to global competition. The management of industries is increasingly shifting from the government to the private sector. Indian industries are having a trying time to meet global standards in terms of quality and cost. They have to benchmark their production against the best in the world.

The oil exploration industry has to be given a major thrust as a substantial portion of our crude oil requirements is met through imports, which means heavy drain of foreign exchange from the exchequer. The Indian refineries are not only augmenting their capacity, but also producing better quality fuel as well as lubricating base oil through state-of-the-art refining technology. The agricultural sector has witnessed a major revolution and today we can proudly say that we are in a position to generate surplus food grain for export after feeding one billion hungry mouths in our country.

This is a commendable achievement, which has been made possible through the Green Revolution with major change being brought about by improved irrigation, and mechanized agricultural techniques. The Indian farmer today is a happy and contended person and his smile is bringing happiness to millions of Indian homes because our economy is primarily agrarian and we cannot afford to be entirely dependent on the vagaries of nature for our economic progress though, even today, to a considerable extent, our GDP is related to a good monsoon.

The Golden Quadrangle Project has now made travel by highways much faster and comfortable. The Highways Authority of India has erected carpet like smooth multilane highways connecting the four metros. Even the other highways have become much better and bumpy roads are now a thing of the past in most parts of the country. The world has now become a global village. Unprecedented developments have taken place in the area of communication.

Gone are the days when speed of communication was a factor of distance. Now, communication is the most important tool available to the human civilization and our country is no exception. Cell phones have now penetrated to remotest corners of the country and computers have revolutionized access to information and mails now travel at the click of a mouse. Change, development and progress are now the buzz words which govern the destiny of our nation.


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