Change in Legal Education Essay

Change in Legal Education BY ;shahs Changing the thought-ware’ of Indian Legal Education You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but If you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. * Clay P. Bedford INTRODUCTION: ‘Law is the cement of society and an essential medium of change’. The significance of legal education in democratic country like India cannot be ignored. Before asses the main purpose of law universities were to impart the knowledge of law,black letter law, to meet the local needs.

In asses the waves of ‘economic liberation’ and globalization touched the shores of Indian legal education, which has widen its scope now legal knowledge consists of the new areas such as Comparative Law, information technology, Intellectual property, corporate governance, human rights, environment, and international trade law, Investment, and commerce, transfer of technology, alternative dispute resolution and space. Globalization has Increased the competition as Indian students have to compete at International level -In the Era of

Globalization a law student should also have knowledge of science and technology, bio-diversity etc. But unfortunately Indian legal system has not touched the oasis of excellence. There are two types of legal structure in India” 1 . Traditional Law universities(areas course): A person after graduating are eligible for admission, In this a student is taught limited subjects. Under it,students are trained to enroll for lower courts or high courts or Judicial offers etc to work with public affairs not at global level. 2. National universities (rear course): Min were started to meet the compete WI

Scope of my essay: In my essay I’m dealing with the problem solving approaches that can solve the present crawls of legal education, “and to bring to the global level” . I’m not only talking ant national law universities but also the traditional law colleges a both constitute and form legal education system of India. Changing the thought-ware’ of legal education: Following are the Changes which can change and improve the Legal Education System of India : Say no to projects and yes to teaching: In the Era of internet plagiarism is biggest crime and which are mostly committed by dents while making projects.

Anyone can make projects with the help of one click of mouse, by cut copy and paste. In my opinion instead of giving projects students are eked to teach their fellow students or their Juniors. After their presentation flour should be open for the audience to ask their doubts. This will Improve the presentation skills of the students as In future they have to present themselves before Bar or corporate firms and this will also master students In particular topes as it is said “a person learns more while teaching” as some doubts which didn’t hit him oh a nil In toner mina Ana will Encourage Clinical Training. Alp teen In learning teen more. Law universities should promote the clinical training to meet the new challenges of the globalizes world. Students are not only taught what is Justice? In Jurisprudence but also be introduced in practically. It will improve their advocacy skills such as such as the skills of critical thinking, presentation skills, participation skills, the skills to work as a team, the leadership quality, in addition to the boost in students knowledge of law. It is being said “a mind retains more when something is taught in practical way rather than inside four walls”.

It will give students nice exposure for their future. Some universities don not conduct clinical programs such a Look Adult,Legal Aids,due to financial problems or they do not have proper infrastructure facility in such case N. S. S provides funds, the University Grants Commission also facilitates the funds. Teachers equipped with experience of practice of law It will be morally not correct on my part to talk about it but as my opinion and my observations I m keeping my point.

Law teachers should have Practical knowledge of subject they are teaching so that not only theoretically but practically they can prepare the future lawyers. They can introduce their subject in better way to students and can create a curiosity inside students and help the students who want to specialize in respective field of law. Theoretical knowledge and Practical knowledge hand in hand: In medical field as well as in management students are exposed to theoretical as well as practical knowledge in same way in legal studies also students should be sent to org under Judges, Advocates and law firms.

Instead of granting one last year for moots and internship,she practice should be cultivated from the very beginning to introduce the student from various problem faced by society and an individual. Universities should either keep college for half day and rest of day students should practice or intern under some Judge or advocates etc. This will keep student updated with emerging issues in the society and they will be ready for future problems. As a medical student is allowed to work under a doctor law student should also allow irking under supervision of a practitioner.

CONCLUSION: As India follows the Common Law system various firms from abroad visits many universities to pick best budding lawyers for their firms. In twenty-firs century a budding lawyer need to have good knowledge, critical thinking and understanding of transnational legal environment. They should be aware of changes taking place in every field of law and pro-active to meet the challenges of that change. Students should be able to sell themselves properly in order to achieve that goal above Problem solving approaches will help them.

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