Change Management Assignment Carrefour Group Essay

Background to the organisation
Carrefour is a transnational company which has its retail shops about all over the universe. In the recent yesteryear it has expanded the concern in the Asiatic Market. In the twelvemonth 1995, this company had sum of seven shops in Asia but in twelvemonth 2004, this entire went up to 126 shops which was a immense addition for the company. One of the best characteristics of the company was that it was non affected by the economic crisis that happened and this was the biggest ground that company came up with its program in UAE. Carrefour is an substructure group and the existent estate was the subdivision which was really much affected by the economic ruin but the company had adequate capableness to confront the hazard that it did non acquire affected ( United Arab Emirates: Carrefour expands its services in retail sector ) .

Carrefour is the 2nd largest retail group in the full universe. Carrefour entered into UAE in the twelvemonth 1995 and till now it has 11 large retail shops around UAE. And shortly it will be a celebrated hypermarket at Dubai Sports City at Emirates Road in Dubai. The company provides every bit much as 6800 to 14000 sq m of country for a hypermarket in UAE.

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Change Management Assignment Carrefour Group Essay
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Chief executive officer: Jose-Luis Duran ( Fortune Globe 500, 2007 )

Employees: 456,295

Address: 26 Quai Michelet, Levallois-Perret 92695, France ( chief office )

Telephone: 33-1-5563-3900

Web site:

Present Rank: 32nd in the World

SWOT Analysis
Strengths and Weaknesses ( Internally COntrolled factors )
One of the major strategic successes of the company is that Carrefour has coaction with one of the most successful substructure company in the universe, MAF of Abu Dhabi. This gives the company strength to the company to better the internal built.

The internal ground for the company to join forces with MAF in UAE because of the limitations that UAE authorities put on the foreign companies to get down up a concern in the state. In order to acquire the easiness, this coaction has occurred.

Equally far as the industry norm in the state in the field of existent estate is seen, Carrefour is far above the industry norm and the chief ground is that it got unaffected at the clip of economic crisis.

The company is in a stage of a uninterrupted success for the past 14 old ages which is easy reflected in the fiscal ratios of the company which shows a uninterrupted improvement for the past several old ages.

The human resource direction of the company is besides really strong and it shows the increasing improvement in the public presentation matrix of the company. This gives the internal support to the company particularly in the instance of enlisting procedure.

Company ‘s standing at present is at the 32nd topographic point which is truly a singular success and strength for Carrefour and gives it a motive to better its ranking farther.

Due to the fact that most of the investings done by the company are immense, hence company takes a coaction of authorities subordinates in UAE which prevent any hinderance in the hereafter.

The selling section of the company is really extremely appreciated because of the fact that the company has a immense trade name value all around the universe and after the success of Hypermarket at Dubai Sports City ; it is traveling to be better and better.

The fiscal section of the company and the research and development subdivision are at the same time making a great occupation of understanding the fiscal state of affairs of the people populating in UAE and consequently be after the investing. Hypermarket is the best suited for this intent.

The coaction with MAF is perfectly really helpful for Carrefour in UAE but along with the strengths there are several failings associated with this coaction. The company does non hold full freedom to take the determinations and particularly the fiscal determination. The lone country where the company can take the 100 per centum determination is the operational section but otherwise there would be several limitations posed by the collaborated companies.

One of the biggest failing can be that around three 4th of the entire net income of the company is in the custodies of MAF which means that the investing point of position is truly weak because if any individual would wish to be the portion of stakeholder of Carrefour, he would hold to worry.

There are several societal concerns of the company like increasing Emiratization with in the company which means that there is a specific per centum that they have to give to the national employees. This may cut down the end product of the company.

It is true that economic crisis has non affected Carrefour but under the regulations made by the authorities, there are several limitations posed on the company which stops the company in its fast enlargement.

Opportunities and Threats ( Externally COntrolled Factors )
There are several chances for the company to spread out its concern in UAE. The most of import factor is its human ecology. The civilization and societal facet of the state is perfectly back up the promotion and sweetening of whatever the company is making. There are several promenades and several other locations which are accommodating the substructure of Carrefour.

The fiscal crisis in 2008 had made the state of affairs worst for the state in the existent estate construction. There are several companies which are still dawdling because of that crisis. It gives a large chance for Carrefour to quickly heighten the concern so that there could be better chances in the hereafter.

Dubai Sports City itself is one of the best chances for Carrefour group because of royal crowd and enthusiasm.

Of class, if there are so many chances for the company in UAE, so menace have to be at that place. The biggest menace that the company will seek is immense competition in the market. However, it would be lesser because of economic crisis of 2008 but still companies like EMAAR give Carrefour a healthy competition in the state.

That excessively, when the company is foreign based and its major portions are non owned by the company itself.

Change Identification
This portion of the undertakings trades with the different types of jobs related to the designation of alterations in the organisation:

Designation of different sort of alterations which can be

Designation for the ground for such alterations

Designation of Scopess and ends for such alterations

Designation of present portion of the alterations and comparing with the hereafter chances

Kind of alterations
This undertaking deals with the parts of the alterations which have occurred in Carrefour with its coaction with MAF in UAE to spread out the concern. There are several sorts of alterations which company has undergone in order to perpetrate this partnership with MAF. Several types of alterations which company has seen because of this coaction are as follows:

Change in the working atmosphere in UAE

Change in the policies of the company

Change in the human resource activities of the company

Changes in the procedure of execution of work

Changes in the functions and duties of employees of the company

Changes in the proprietor ship of the company

In order to get down for the on the job advancement of Hypermarket in the Dubai Sports City, Carrefour went into coaction with MAF which has brought about several alterations in the organisation and its working. This coaction has affected the ambiance of the full organisation. Bing a Gallic organisation, Carrefour has perfectly a different civilization and different ambiance which prevails in the company but come ining into UAE was an absolute alteration for the company.

The alteration in the on the job procedure of the company is really high as it does non fit to the on the job criterions of Carrefour in other states. There are several alterations in the policies and procedures and particularly the ownership has a great consequence because of such coaction

Reason for alterations
There are different grounds which have led to the growing of such alterations in the organisational construction and its working procedure. The chief of them all is Oregons coaction with MAF. Entering into UAE for a foreign based company is non an easy occupation to make until unless company do non hold any spouse who is national of UAE and that excessively with a partnership of more than 50 percent portions of the company. Hence, company entered into the UAE market with its coaction in MAF for doing Hypermarket in the Dubai Sports City. Another ground for alterations could be a sense of an easy gaining control to the market because of its coaction with MAF because MAF is really good known Construction Company in UAE. Everyone in the state knows this company ; it would be really much beneficial for Carrefour to come in into concern in UAE holding collaborated with MAF.

Changes in the range of the company
Carrefour has undergone a alteration at the full organisational degree. There are some particular countries where the company has seen a figure of alterations. These countries where company has seen a figure of alterations are as follows:

Changes in the types of employees

Working procedure of the company

Degrees of Departments

Business procedure units

Degree of systems

Above are the chief countries which have undergone alterations for Carrefour because of the coaction with MAF. It was rather obvious for these countries to undergo alterations because of the ground that there is a immense difference in the civilization and the ambiance of both the companies is wholly difference. One is a France based company and another is a UAE based company.

Goals for Changes
There are several ends which have been identified to link them with the alterations:

Collaboration between Carrefour and MAF

For fulfilment of jurisprudence and order in UAE

To profit the name of MAF to seek the competitory advantage

To do people of UAE know about the company

Enhance the concern

Where are you now?
GAP Analysis
GAP Analysis fundamentally deals with foregrounding the difference between the enforced schemes and the expected schemes. There can be two different types of spread may be at that place, viz. Knowledge Gap and Strategic Gap. The exact significance of Gap analysis is to analyse the difference between the present state of affairss of the company and the future chances of the company. At the starting, it is necessary to analyse the present status of the company and in the following state of affairs, the future status of the company is taken attention of. Present and the future status of the company are necessary to analyse because it gives an indicant about the public presentation of the company. There are different types of analysis takes topographic point in the GAP Analysis of any company.

Comparison of organisational public presentation

Comparison of marketing potency of the company

Comparison of Business relationships of the company

Comparison of operational activities of the company

The undermentioned diagram shows the spread analysis of Carrefour.

Fundamentalss Applied for Changes ( Kurt Lewin 3 measure theoretical account )
Unfreezing: This corresponds for Carrefour to acquiring itself ready for coveted alterations that it traveling to acquire in by doing coaction with MAF in UAE.

Changes: This corresponds to show state of affairs where the alterations are being untaken by the company and doing it go oning for the clients and the staff.

Freezing: This corresponds to the concluding blessing of the changed schemes by Carrefour.

Present state of affairs of the company
Carrefour is a widely known organisation which operates in assorted states. It sees different types of organisational civilization wherever it starts its operation. This would go on in all the topographic points and same in the instance in executing operation in UAE. The civilization of UAE is varied. Here, bulk of the population is exiles, which means that in this state there are people from different parts of the universe. This is one of the biggest jobs that the company is confronting. Actually, this is non a job but it is a concern which is so of import to be taken attention of by the company.

Another concern with Carrefour is the limitations which are imposed by the civilization and the local authorities of the state on the company. These limitations stop the company from taking assorted determinations due to the fact that company has a major portion keeping with MAF. The root of all such concerns of the company is the rigorous jurisprudence which is followed in UAE and high figure of exiles coming in the state. But in another manner, for concern of Carrefour, this is profitable every bit good.

There are some challenges associated with the present scenario of operational and all around direction of Carrefour in UAE. There are several limitations posed by the authorities on the foreign based companies to get down up concerns in UAE. This is the biggest challenge that the company face and this needs to be shortly addressed.

Where do you desire to be?
Future State of the company
This will depict the province of the company after small clip ( at least 5 old ages after the coaction between MAF and Carrefour ) . The hereafter of the company is supposed to be more in favour of MAF instead than Carrefour. The chief ground behind this is that the bulk of the portions of the company are held by MAF which accounts for more than 50 percent ownership of the company which means that in instance of net income to the company, there will be more net income for MAF instead than Carrefour.

The hereafter chances for the company in future are evidently turning as hypermarket in Dubai Sports City is one of the rare infrastructural edifices which are at that place in the metropolis. This makes this a particular topographic point for the local population and the tourer to roll around. But the lone job which the company will hold to face is that immense per centum of partnership is taken by MAF which means that immense per centum of net income will travel to MAF. Another hereafter chance which can be helpful in bring forthing more net income is that there is no revenue enhancement charged by the authorities which allows the company bring forth more grosss and gain more money.

The organisational civilization in the hereafter will be more or what same as the company has its organisational civilization in Dubai at present. The organisational civilization would be really much diversified. Reason being there are people coming from all over the universe to this state. Around 80 per centum of the entire population of UAE comprises of exiles. This means that staff in the organisation will be of diversified civilization.

There are several stairss which have to be done often by Carrefour. These stairss are as follows:

Company should good modulate its coaction with MAF so that it can easy run in the state

Company should believe of spread outing the concern and should maintain an oculus on the entire net incomes so that it can bring forth maximal possible net income

Company should engage people with in the state and besides should name some of the higher governments from some of the different subdivisions of Carrefour so that it can prolong the civilization of the company in the internal affairs at least.

Company should explicate the schemes harmonizing to the selling potency in the state and harmonizing to the diversified populace of UAE but along with that company should besides maintain an oculus on the Torahs, regulations and ordinances given by UAE.

Company should explicate the schemes with in the company in such a mode which would assist it to win in the programs and should assist to bring forth more and more gross.

Readiness of the organisation to undergo the alterations

This is one of the best possible grounds which could account for alteration direction in the company. Carrefour, being one of the biggest organisations in existent estate and substructure entered into the concern for doing hypermarket at Dubai Sports City by join forcesing with MAF. There are several alterations that company had to confront in order to implement their concern program in the state.

The biggest alteration that company had come up with is the organisational civilization in the state which is really much different from any other state in the universe. There are several limitations on the concern activities imposed on the company by the local authorities of UAE. The company is ready to follow these alterations in order to bring forth net income. It might be possible that company do non accommodate with such an ambiance of organisational civilization but the company is ready to accept the alterations because it knows that UAE gives the best possible chance for their concern.

To Identify whether the company is ready to follow the alterations


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