Change Management Plan For McDonalds Essay

McDonald ‘s came into being in the twelvemonth 1940 when two brothers Mac and Dick applied their head in opening a series of universe category eating houses all over the universe. The two brothers came up with new and advanced thoughts to pull a big base of clients. The eating house focused on giving limited nutrient points with fast services, and at a sensible monetary value, which in the hereafter could increase their market. Their dream turned into a world and today, McDonald ‘s is making exceptionally good in its field by supplying the clients with quality merchandises. The mission of the company is to supply quality service, hygiene and value, and the clients, while go forthing the eating house, should hold a smiling on their face ( A brief history of McDonald ‘s ).

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Change Management Plan For McDonalds Essay
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The operations of McDonald ‘s began when Ray Kroc opened its first eating house under McDonald ‘s corporation in USA in 1955. With the transition of clip, McDonald ‘s achieved great highs. The concern of McDonald ‘s expanded globally in 1967 when the eating house was opened in different parts of the universe like Canada, Puerto Rico, etc. Today, it has become a leader in the fast nutrient industry universe broad. The chief purpose of the company is to understand the demands of the clients and supply them with the best services. This has been done by the company by using rigorous criterions of nutrient and service quality.

McDonald ‘s is runing at a planetary degree, and giving best services to the clients has helped the company in retaining them as the clients do non confront job with the services and quality given by McDonald ‘s. The major rivals of the corporation are Burger King, Yum Brand, KFC and Wendy ‘s International Inc. McDonald ‘s has ever given its clients motivate services and have paid due attending to their coveted demands. Therefore, it is working good in its field by carry throughing all the coveted aims of the clients in the best possible mode ( Bloemer, Ruyter & A ; Wetzels, 1999 ).

Force Field Analysis

Force Field analysis carries a major importance in the organisation as it is a utile technique of analysing all the forces, which are working in favour or against the organisation. In other words, it is a specialised method of mensurating the pros and cons of the company. The force field analysis, if done in a proper mode, can assist the company in beef uping the forces, which support a determination and minimise the mistakes, which have a negative impact on the company. With the aid of this analysis, the company can make up one’s mind whether the undertaking designed in executable or non. Force field analysis helps in placing those alterations, which hamper the growing of the organisation and focal points on bettering the same ( Force Field Analysis, 2010 ).

Forces for Change:

Intense Competition: There is a immense competition in the fast nutrient concatenation company. In a extremely competitory universe, McDonald ‘s demands to hold a gait with its rivals and develop new merchandises, which are behind the range of its rivals. McDonald ‘s, in order to hold an border over its rival companies, should do such merchandises, which have quality and are low-cost to the multitudes. Competition is going ferocious and there is a demand that new merchandises should be launched in the market by the company, which makes the company remain on top with the maximal net income.

Customers: The gustatory sensation of the clients keeps on altering. There is a demand that the gustatory sensation and penchants of the clients should be understood by McDonald ‘s so that they are retained in the organisation and do non switch to the rival companies. New alterations in the merchandise should be brought so that the clients do non acquire bored holding the same repast over and over once more. It is a fact that the clients are the male monarch of the market and their demands should be satisfied in the best possible mode. This will assist the company in pulling a big figure of clients towards itself.

Technology: Technology plays an of import function in a fast nutrient eating house. Latest and advanced tools should be applied by McDonald ‘s so that they are able to give merchandise to the clients. Obsolete merchandise will non merely hamper the growing of the organisation, but the company can lose its clients in the approaching clip. Obsolete usage of machines will do work force disturbed and they will non transport out their work with enthusiasm and ardor. Hence, the company should ever utilize latest technological tools, which will turn out good for the organisation in the long tally ( Carter, Ulrich and Goldsmith, 2005 ).

Health consciousness among the clients: Today ‘s clients have become wellness witting and they want that the merchandise provides them with energy, instead than giving them any sort of enduring. As McDonald ‘s is a fast nutrient concatenation company, its precedence is supplying the best repast to the clients by including those ingredients, which do non impact the wellness of the frequenters. If the company focuses on this facet, more loyal clients will acquire attracted towards the organisation as they will come to cognize that the company takes attention of its client ‘s wellness in the best mode.

Forces against alteration:

Cost of Execution: Implementing a alteration in the organisation is non an easy undertaking. An organisation holding a size as McDonaldaa‚¬a„?s would happen troubles in implementing a alteration since it has to be done uniformly over a broad country. The big size of McDonald ‘s is a major hindrance of implementing the alteration direction procedure.

Time Requirement: The execution of alteration in McDonaldaa‚¬a„?s would devour a batch of clip since it is dispersed to many locations. Large clip implies that it would necessitate work force every bit good as capital to do the alteration for a long clip.

Management Support: Concern of the direction plays an of import function in the organisation. At times, it is seen that direction does non supply its support for implementing new methods in the organisation. They are against following any sort of new method in their workplace. This non merely hampers the overall growing of the organisation, but the strategic aims of the company are besides non achieved due to this.

Organization Dynamics of McDonald ‘s:

As already stated above, McDonald ‘s is one of the largest nutrient service suppliers, which satisfies the demands of the clients globally. It is presently runing in more than 30,000 eating houses in more than 120 states. The company has a squad of skilled and experient directors, which have helped in doing the company a recognized trade name name all over the universe. Excellent operating system and planetary substructure make the civilization of McDonald ‘s strong and sound. The directors and helper directors get their preparation from Hamburger University so that they can supply best quality, service, convenience and value to the frequenters. The corporate civilization of McDonald ‘s has a shared value system, which helps in organizing the company determinations ( Kincheloe, 2002 ).

Training is given to around 55,000 employees every twelvemonth at McDonald ‘s. Expenses of around 10 million are spent on the overall preparation of employees. There is a demand that experienced and trained employees should take the organisation so that they can supply the best ingredient of success for the organisation. On the occupation vocational preparation is provided to the employees in the corporation, which teaches them high set of accomplishments, which they can use in the close hereafter. The new recruits are provided with an initiation plan so that they understand the workplace every bit good as the civilization decently. The trainers ever provide a assisting manus to the trainees so that they non merely learn the operating accomplishments, but besides understand the workplace where they are traveling to pass most of the clip. In add-on to this, measure by measure manual and video tapes are provided to the employees, which cover minute inside informations of how to present outstanding services to the clients.

When McDonald ‘s started from abrasion, it focused on constructing a repute based on trust and dependableness among the employers and employees. The company has achieved great highs because it has ever understood the jobs of the employees and provided them with the best possible solution. There is a great sum adhering between the employers and employees as the company has its ain Human Resource Management plan, which fosters the employee trueness and keeps them satisfied by doing the employees work as a squad. For illustration, all McDonald ‘s employees in Singapore are entitled to have in house medical benefits, which motivate them to execute better in the organisation and develop a feeling of common trust and assurance among the employers and employees ( Royle and Towers, 2002 ).

Changes required:

McDonald ‘s offers assorted sort of unvarying bill of fare in its fast nutrient merchandises. It is one of the top Sellerss and advanced companies. It has entered assorted sections so that the demands of every category of clients could be fulfilled. In malice of being an established trade name, it has ever remained into contentions due to the repast offered to its clients. To stay a universe category company and accomplish high net incomes, there is a demand that direction should redefine its image in footings of wellness and nutritionary merchandises to be provided to its clients. Today, the people have become witting sing their wellness and figures. They want to hold that nutrient, which can maintain them healthy and fit in the long tally.

The job with McDonald ‘s is that it has already gained a repute of being a fast nutrient concatenation company where debris nutrient is provided to the clients, which affects their wellness. There is a demand that the company should maintain in head that those merchandises should be made, which measure the wellness safety. There is a demand that the company should make something for avoiding the lifting wellness jobs among the clients and recover its image back.

The corporation should present new marketing communicating program, which attracts the attending of the clients, who are wellness witting. A run should be launched under the trade name image of the company, which offers the merchandises that are resistless and besides supply important information that the merchandise is fresh and healthy ( What ‘s Incorrect with McDonald ‘s, n.d. ). For illustration, the company can compose the ingredients in its bill of fare so that the client can travel through it and can see that the points will non harm their wellness anyhow. If the company is non able to make so on clip, it will non merely lose its clients, but its market image will besides be dropped down in forepart of its rival companies.

McDonald ‘s, to recover its positive image once more, should implement the aforesaid alterations every bit shortly as possible by implementing Integrated Marketing Communication ( IMC ). A batch of advertisement and publicity run should be performed by the company by concentrating on healthy merchandises introduced in their repasts, particularly for those clients, which are wellness witting. This will make a new image among the wellness witting clients and will make consciousness among the turning kids about fleshiness and besides among the mark market. This will move as a drive force for the company by retaining the clients in the organisation.

Model for alteration Management:

At times, there is a demand that the organisation should convey some alterations, which are good for the company in the long tally. The organisation can better its actions by carry oning a thorough research in progress and so implementing the best possible steps, which provide the company with maximal benefits. For this, Kurt Lewin ‘s introduced a three measure alteration procedure, which would assist McDonald ‘s in implementing positive alterations in its working. The action for alteration consists of three basic stairss, which are dissolving, altering and refreezing.

( Kurt Lewin Three Step Model, 2010 )

Unfreezing: It is a procedure where an single sets aside his old behaviour, which can do injury to the growing of the company. Under this measure, McDonald ‘s should place its internal operations and name where the company is missing behind in footings of the merchandise provided to the clients. The director of the house should assist the employees in uncluttering out their old functions and intents. For this, the directors can analyse the working of their employees as whether they are transporting out their duty with due earnestness or they are confronting any other sort of job in haltering the operations. Diagnosing the state of affairs decently will assist the company in implementing new theoretical accounts of behaviour, which can be explored and tested in progress. This will assist the employees in projecting aside their old behaviour and they will be motivated to present the new theoretical account ( Robbins, 2009 ).

Changing: In this measure, the organisation should develop single employee so that he can larn new behaviour and methods of working and use new functions into the working. There are some guidelines for the organisation to follow so that alteration could be managed efficaciously. The first guideline is that that McDonald ‘s should acknowledge that the alteration introduced is to better the overall public presentation consequences. The 2nd guideline is that the work force should be made responsible for those alterations, which are brought by them. The last guideline is that the employees should be motivated on clip so that they work as a squad and novice coordinated attempts.

Refreezing: It is the last phase in the theoretical account for alteration, which states that whatever the person has learned in the workplace should be integrated in his existent pattern. At this phase, the employee has to follow new beliefs, feelings and behaviour, which he has learned from his higher-up at the clip of altering stage. Thus helps them to follow a new behaviour, alternatively of returning back to their old behaviour. Therefore, it is indispensable that support should be carried out by the company for the incorporation of new behaviour.

Road map for alteration execution program:

Bringing new engineering and presenting advanced merchandises have ever helped the organisations whether they are runing on a little graduated table or a large 1. The organisations, while sing for conveying a little alteration or a systematic alteration have to confront many jobs in implementing the alteration. Lapp is the instance with McDonald ‘s. The organisation knows that the alteration needs to take topographic point, but how to present the alteration is a hard undertaking. For this, John Kotter, who is a alteration direction guru, has introduced an eight measure procedure, which can assist the organisation in taking the alteration. The eight stairss for taking alteration are as follow:

To make urgency: The direction should actuate the employees that the alteration will non merely profit the company, but will besides pull the clients towards itself. The organisation with the aid of this theoretical account can place possible menaces and develop a image as what can go on in the close hereafter and how to get by up with the challenges in the best possible mode ( Kotter ‘s 8-Step Change Model, 2010 ).

Develop a strong alliance: The organisation in order to convey alteration should develop a squad of effectual leaders, which can develop squad edifice and place the weak countries so that a strong mix of people is developed within the company.

Develop a vision for alteration: McDonald ‘s should develop a vision that identifies a value, which is cardinal to alter. It should implement the vision in an effectual mode so that the company can accomplish its strategic aims.

Communicating the vision: After making a vision, the direction should pass on the vision to all the degrees of direction so that the work force can work consequently and ever has an border over its rivals.

Eliminate obstructions: If McDonald ‘s follows the above given stairss decently, the alterations can take topographic point in the organisation without any jobs. Besides, if there are any sorts of hinderances in the way of the company, a proper ballad out of the construction and joint attempt of the squad members will assist in extinguishing the obstructions, which can make hinderance to the net incomes of the company in the long tally.

Develop short term success: Short term win will assist McDonald ‘s in accomplishing success, go forthing no room for failure. If the squad members apply best of their cognition, marks will be achieved and each win will hike their morale and following clip they will accomplish the mark with minimal cost.

Build on alteration: the organisation should maintain on constructing new alterations and convey betterments so that the work is carried out in a right mode without giving any failures. For illustration, Kaizen attack should be adopted by the company so that uninterrupted alteration betterment can take topographic point.

Implement the alterations in the corporate civilization: McDonald ‘s should place what specific alterations are required in the working and its vision and values must be seen in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations. For this, the organisation should speak about its success with the work force and actuate them by stating how the organisation has received success in the alteration procedure ( Watson, Gallagher and Armstrong, 2005 ). It is hence necessary that McDonald ‘s should be after each of its stairss carefully and construct proper map so that the alterations are implemented efficaciously.

Critical Analysis:

Change direction program plays an of import function in the organisation and the tools and techniques applied above will give the company a competitory border against its challengers. The force field analysis, if applied in the company, will assist in cognizing its drive forces every bit good as those forces, which are moving against it. On the other manus, the disadvantage of this factor will be that implementing this analysis can be dearly-won and its success can besides non be guaranteed in the long tally ( Fiske, Gilbert and Lindzey, 2010 ).

Other than this, the Kurt Lewin theoretical account for alteration direction can convey assorted betterments in the working of the employees every bit good as give an thought where the organisation is really standing and what measures it can take to get by up with the job. It besides proves to be an effectual method of bettering determination doing ability of the employees. However, using this method can be a drawback as this method depends more on theoretical attack than on a practical one. It wholly depends on the accomplishments and capablenesss of the single transporting out the work.

Finally, Kotter ‘s eight measure methods will assist in cognizing every minute item of the company in the best possible mode, but for this attack to be implemented in the company there will be a demand of extra cost and clip for the direction. They will hold to understand every measure decently, as the incorrect execution of one measure can ensue in the whole program traveling in confusion ( Sofo, 2000 ).


Therefore, it can be summed up by stating that McDonald ‘s is making exceptionally good in its field by supplying the clients with the best possible merchandises. It has taken assorted stairss to increase its reactivity by presenting new e-mail response system to turn to the questions of the clients. On the other manus, there are some defects, which are non merely haltering the image of the company in the eyes of its clients, but it is besides fring its costumier base. There is a demand that the company should present wellness witting repasts in its bill of fare so that the clients are provided with the best merchandises. This will assist the company in accomplishing success in the long tally. Besides, the clients will be retained with the company in the close hereafter.


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