Change of Management at Briardene Care Home Essay

  1. Introduction

This survey aims to assist the direction, staff, service users and anyone straight or indirectly linked to Briardene Care Home understand a huge scope of theoretical attacks or typologies that can be applied in the event of alteration of direction at Briardene Care Home. It is written with the impression to assist the direction to plan a strategic attack with tools to run into the demands of Briardene attention Home in work force planning. It besides aims at guaranting that Briardene Care Home maintains or increases its evaluation by run intoing the needed criterions of bringing of nursing attention as required by the Care Quality Commission ( CQC ) .

  1. Briardene Care Home

Briardene Care Home, Westerhope, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear

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Change of Management at Briardene Care Home Essay
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Briardene Care Home is a in private owned nursing place belonging to the Executive Care Group. It is situated in Newbiggin on the western terminal of Newcastle Upon Tyne and has a maximal tenancy of 60 abodes. Service users are usually people with dementedness or aged people necessitating nursing or residential attention. It besides accommodates people who need specialist attention like those enduring from Alzheimer and most abodes speak English apart from a few who are Polish. All suites conform to the sizes required by the National attention criterions guidelines and at present employs 62 members of staff but figure of staff employed usually varies as determined by the assessed demands of clients.

  1. Diagnosis

There are several models and theories which can be used as a tool for naming concern schemes but in this Survey we shall concentrate on the Mckinsey 7s model. Postma and Kok ( 1992 ) defines organizational diagnosing as a procedure of research into the administrations map in order to urge ways in which it can better. It is indispensable for administrations like Briardene attention place to ever see their market place and invariably research their capablenesss because of the manner the wellness and societal attention industry is turning. Since the coming of the recession in 2008 a batch of companies’ specialising in Residential and Nursing attention closed down and besides new Torahs have were put into topographic point to suit the higher life anticipation and revised retirement ages. This resulted in large and major companies’ to unify and absorb little companies which could non get by with both the new Torahs and the rough economic conditions. Briardene Care Home has evolved with the traveling times and has managed to place itself to confront any competition within the rough conditions under its operational being in the Executive Care group.

  1. Mckinsey’s 7s Framework at Briardene Care Home.

The McKinsey 7S Framework is a direction theoretical account developed by well-known concern advisers Waterman and Peters ( who besides developed the MBWA— “ Management By Walking Around ” motive, and authored “ In Search of Excellence ” ) in the 1980s.The theoretical account is most frequently used as a tool to measure and supervise alterations in the internal state of affairs of an administration. The theoretical account is based on the theory that for an administration to execute good, the above seven elements need to be aligned and reciprocally reenforcing. The above 7S theoretical account can be used to assist place what needs to be realigned to better public presentation or to keep alliance ( and public presentation ) during other types of alteration. The 7S theoretical account is a good model to assist you inquire the right inquiries but it does non give you all the replies. For that you ‘ll necessitate to convey together the right cognition, accomplishments and experience. The Mckinsey model is the direction tool designed to ease the procedure of scheme execution within the context of organizational alteration. Successful execution of scheme requires direction of the interrelatednesss between seven elements.

4.1Shared Valuess

Briardene Nursing place has operated as a nursing attention place for the past 20 old ages. From the clip of its origin boulder clay to day of the month it has evolved in a batch of ways in order to cut down its running and administrative costs whilst keeping first-class criterions and being able to run into client demands. It has besides evolved in line with technological alterations and has besides faced the rough conditions of a Care market which has been stagnant in the past decennary. In the past few old ages it has been restructured to provide into history the population demands of the state, the lower degree of sponsorship and decreasing pensions and benefits for pensionaries because of the rise in life anticipation and the addition they have managed keeping high criterions despite the alterations in economic clime. Maslow motive theory believed that persons experience a scope of demands and will be motivated to carry through which of all time need is most powerful, self-actualisation, regard, belongingness and love, safety and physiological. ( Maslow 1970 cited in Boddy1998 ) .


Briardene Care Home has formal procedures and operational processs in topographic point to pull off the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the place. Emphasis is ever placed on policies and techniques that aim to better employee morale and occupation satisfaction so as to increase the employee efficiency and cut down unrest, there is need to concentrate on productiveness, efficiency and advancing understanding between employees and clients. Management and staff understand structural development in footings of growing of the attention place and besides in line with accommodations refering to development of premises and the work and emphasis which they are associated with. Although there are all these processs and policies in topographic point there is deficiency of measuring for operations for illustration deficiency of answerability and no step of productiveness.


Organizational construction of Briardene is a functional construction, each group cognizing its structured functions, duties and holding a squad leader within the group who coordinates with the lead director. Although this programme is ideal for Briardene jobs usually originate. Functional attack can be efficient as people with common expertness work together sharing and seeing a professional calling way. The major trouble with this line of professionalism growing is that it may be a beginning of struggle ( Nauta and Saunders, 2000 ) if the separate map develop different perceptual experiences of the organizational ends and vie for stations. The construction of an administration is described as ‘the amount sum of ways in which it divides labour into distinguishable undertakings and so achieves coordination among them’ ( Mintzberg 1979 cited in Boddy1998 ) . It means span of control at Briardene is narrow, pregnant staff are closely supervised. It provides a model for operational planning significance addition in effectivity. The director at Briardene as the leader coordinates the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the place and is the individual beginning of authorization which suggests that the leading manner is of an autocratic nature. Employees do non acquire have much influence on any alterations to the Nursing place and are told what to make.Dundon and Rollinson ( 2011 ) argue that the autocratic administrations frequently have hapless communicating accomplishments there is less contact between employees and the top directors. Kotter ( 1998 ) suggests leading has to be multiplied and shared if for alteration to be successful.


A public presentation goaded civilization has ever been the trademark of Briardene’s atmosphere. The Management at the attention place have a inclination of enrolling households or relations of staff members. This has led to confusions on the deputation of responsibilities and how employees may associate to each other at work because of household ties. There is demand to guarantee that the line of deputation and how staff should handle each other is clarified and effected. Staff should understand the codification of practise and should be able to make their occupations without any intervention from other people. The work topographic point should be kept exciting and staff should be encouraged to go to both in house preparation and external classs so that they can better their work. New employees should be made to experience at place and the initiation period should be extended to guarantee that staff understands their occupations and that they gain the assurance which is necessary to acquire the best out of their possible. Briardene attention place should educate its staff on the criterions it expects from the employees and should besides transport out regular feedbacks with clients and their households to guarantee that their demands are met. In order to better and contradict above conditions the Management holds monthly staff meetings where staff are given the chance to raise issues of concern and countries where they want direction to better and do a safe and good work environment in order to accomplish set ends.4.5SkillsBriardene is an administration in the societal attention industry which has structured policies and processs in topographic point that inside informations staff functions, their duties, their restrictions and boundaries and clearly lineations as required by codifications of pattern set out in the Care Standard Act 2000. Management at Briardene makes certain all staff on beginning of employment are made cognizant of their duty. Briardene has a multi skilled squad which contributes otherwise towards accomplishing the set ends. It relies on preparation and educating its employees to guarantee that the Nursing place tallies expeditiously and maps decently. They besides highlight that it is individual’s duty as professionals to keep and develop as a practician throughout to guarantee that they retain the capacity to pattern safely, efficaciously and lawfully within the germinating range of pattern. The Chartered institute for forces and Development ( CIPD ) emphasises the single duty professionals must take for their ongoing development within their definition, ‘a combination of attacks, thoughts and techniques that will assist you pull off you ain larning and growth’ ( CIPD, 2008 ) .


Briardene in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the attention place have adopted a scope of administration schemes while upholding criterions despite the alterations in economic clime. The schemes the attention place has adopted provides direction squad at Briardene a model for operational planning, thereby increasing organizational effectivity and giving them lucidity on the way of organizational activities ensuing in personal employee satisfaction and better their apprehension of the rapid altering environment in the Health attention industry which they operate. Research has revealed that administrations that engage in strategic direction by and large outperform those that do non. Wheelen and Hunger ( 2005 ) states ‘an administration will execute to a high criterion when there is a fiting correlativity between the organizational environment and the scheme, construction and procedures of that organisation’ . Strategy provides construction as to Briardene in the wellness attention high criterion when there is a fiting correlativity between the organizational environment and the scheme, construction and procedures of that organisation’ . Strategy besides provides construction the wellness attention industry in footings of the consumer which is the clients and geographical sense. The following are the organizational schemes in topographic point at Briardene


The organizational construction at Briardene is of functional construction its tall significance demoing that the span of control is narrow, pregnant staff are closely supervised in tall construction there is hapless communicating between clients and their households and director clients feedback gets to the director through the employees intending information can be distorted or misinterpreted. Management takes topographic point within a structured organizational scene with prescribed functions. It is directed towards the accomplishment of purposes and aims through act uponing the attempts of others. Classical theoretician Taylor, Fayol was concerned with the construction and mechanics of the administration while human dealingss intelligibly is concerned with the human factors like motive, group motive, leading. Briardene Care place has adopted and applied good the Human dealingss direction attack in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the attention place therefore supplying attention services to the clients and their public assistance. Organisation direction is an “advance in industrial and organizational psychological science and in organizational behavior, whose general significance was that when people are being observed by research workers, they temporarily change their behavior or performance” this became known as the ‘Hawthorne effect’ ( Boddy,1998 ) .

  1. Change in Management Model.

We are populating in the universe where “ concern as usual ” has evolved in a batch of ways. The rough economic climes have forced a batch of alterations. Companies have merged and companies have been taken over. Companies have been acquired and companies have besides changed the manner they operate in order to vie with other companies or to set to altering Torahs. Several factors such as new enterprises, project-based working, engineering betterments and remaining in front of the competition to call but a few factors have necessitated alteration and the manner companies work. Whether 1 is sing a little alteration to one or two procedures, or a system broad alteration to an administration, it ‘s common to experience uneasy and intimidated by the graduated table of the challenge. Because of the inevitable altering features of the concern environment, administrations need to happen originative and adaptative ways to successfully pull off alteration to keep a strong concern place in the Health and Social attention industry. The determination to follow alteration is frequently to better operation public presentation or cut down cost associated with making concern. Dawson ( 2009 ) explains that alteration is of import to administrations as they help better public presentation and productiveness. However, it is besides necessary to acknowledge that there are different types and degrees in order to properly implement alteration. The responsibility of administrations is to place the demand for alteration, involve all affected stakeholders and manage such alteration efficaciously to maintain the administration moral force. Andriopoulos and Dawson ( 2009 ) explain that organizational alteration is ‘new ways of forming and working’ . They explain that alteration occur in two dimensions motion of province and range of alteration. For the administration to be able to efficaciously alter its patterns and communicate properly it should see cut downing its beds and go level structured. This allows a few people to take control of the alteration procedure and to absorb elements that can be critical towards the whole procedure.



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