Change Strategy for Morgan County Essay

This paper is a alteration direction scheme for Morgan County, with specific accent on the Planning and Development Services Department of Morgan County. Its composing is slackly derived from a templet as put Forth by Cohen ( 2005 ) , and will turn to alteration urgency, steering squads, visioning, communicating, and implementing and prolonging alteration. Another imbedded model of this rating comes from Cummingss and Worley ( 2009 ) , and assess the alteration from the organisation, group, and single degree. The aim here is to supply a clear alteration scheme that can be used to make a more functional and organized system of administration.

The Climate for Change

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Change Strategy for Morgan County Essay
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Introducing the Urgency for Change

In order for a alteration scheme to be successful, there must be a clear urgency for alteration. Change urgency identifies the beginning jobs, and explores the issues that they are doing.

Structure of Morgan County

Morgan County has a nonconventional signifier of County authorities. It predates the demands for County authoritiess as set Forth in current Utah State Code. It consists of a seven individual council that has executive, legislative, and administrative determination doing power. The Council is restricted by bylaws from prosecuting in the daily map of the disposal, but is still expected to do administrative determinations. They are paid between $ 400 and $ 600 per month for their service, and they spend between two and eight hours a hebdomad carry oning Council concern. This signifier of authorities does non hold a reconciliation of power between the executive, legislative, and administrative that other conforming County authoritiess have. The Council exhibits direction authorization over County staff, but has no official power to over other elected functionaries.

The County has six full clip elected functionaries: the County Attorney, Recorder, Clerk, Assessor, Treasurer, and Sheriff. These persons are elected by popular ballot, and can merely be unseated by popular ballot. They have no term bounds, so all of them have held their offices from one to three decennaries. The Council has no administrative power over them. They exhibit managerial leading over the procedures of their specific sections, but have no official authorization over the staff that work in their sections.

Structure of the Planning and Development Services Department

The Planning and Development Services Department reports straight to the County Council. It has a manager that is appointed by the Council, and all employees are appointed by the Council as good after recommendation from the manager. The section is divided into three indispensable divisions: Building, Planning, and Geographic Information Systems. The section ‘s administrative forces map in the same capacity for the three divisions.

Change Relevance

There is urgency for alteration in the County signifier of authorities. As will be demonstrated below, the design constituents of the authorities construction is badly deficient.

The County does non presently have a scheme program, an enunciated mission, or the public presentation steps necessary to put up a strong organisational construction. This is likely the combined consequence of the signifier of administration and unqualified leading. Morgan County has a really little population, less than 8,000, and an even smaller choice pool of people who desire to function in a County leading function. There is small motive to be involved in authorities aside from selfless service ideals, or the desire for equal recognition. As a consequence, Council members were elected on the footing of their preexisting popularity amongst their equals instead than their makings.

Historically, most members of the council lacked the cognition, accomplishments, and abilities to understand complex systems believing. Further, I suggest that even if they did, the restrictions that the signifier of authorities imposes on the Council, such as the limitation from prosecuting in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours disposal, and the consequence it has on their ability to carry through their duty to clearly and efficaciously take their employees, would and does curtail positive and competent leading anyhow. Despite the looking lucidity of the organisation flow chart, the world is that there are some sections that do non hold clear leading from section caputs, or a direct avenue for communicating with the County Council. Past reorganisation was aimed at beef uping the organisation, but without a clear organisational construction, new employees find themselves doing similar procedural follies for which former employees were terminated.

The County does non hold the construction or the qualified leading necessary to originate an organisational scheme map, mission, or clear measurement systems. There has non been a driving mechanism or single or even systems answerability mechanism to make this either. What the County is truly deficient, is a director or decision maker who is competent in systems complexness, and who is besides an built-in and functioning portion of the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours disposal of administration.

The system of administration has a brawny challenge to alter this job. Inducing alteration in the system of administration requires a democratic bulk ballot of the populace, and will necessitate a alteration enterprise beyond the range of this alteration direction scheme, but possibly this scheme can besides work as a needs appraisal for alteration that is possible now. There are presently people in the community seeking to present the urgency of altering the signifier of authorities. This survey will sketch a alteration direction scheme for the County to travel to a more efficient signifier of administration, and will besides concentrate on what alterations can be made in the average clip. This survey will besides concentrate on the demand for alteration within the Planning and Development Services Department.

With this debut to the authorities system of Morgan County, we turn to the urgency for alteration within the Planning and Development Services Department. The Planning and Development Services Department is a budding section within Morgan County. It has been wholly reorganized twice in as many old ages, and the staff who survived expiration tend to be leery of farther alteration.


Two old ages ago, a new section manager was brought in to reform the section to an acceptable public presentation criterion. No 1 truly knew what that criterion was supposed to be, but the new manager started off with larning how the section was working earlier, a get downing incrementally switching it toward a more recognizable industry criterion. His new public direction manner is refreshfully alone when compared to the embedded Morgan County establishment of traditional public administration. The section took big paces in such a short period of clip toward public presentation and end product betterment that it received a great trade of attending from County leading, so much so that other section leaders have begun seeking alternate direction methods every bit good.

Recommended Strategy MapHowever, similar to the County as a whole, what was and still is missing in the section is a clear mission, organisational scheme map, and clear measuring systems. A few months ago there was a plans rating that was conducted to find the client service public presentation of one of the section ‘s plans. This survey yielded about inconclusive consequences because there was no appraising standards from which to mensurate public presentation. The survey resulted, instead, in the recommendation for the section to measure its relevancy to the County authorities and its citizens. It recommended a departmental mission statement and scheme map that will assist steer a visioning procedure and aid in making and implementing clear ends and aims. The section manager shared the rating with staff, but has yet to do official paces to follow the mission or scheme map, so the section goes on without clear way.

Recommended Structure Chart

Another critical map that the plan rating explained was losing was a good defined construction. No 1 could place what the organisational chart really looked like, even though most, including the manager could hold guessed. The rating resulted in a recommended organisational construction from which to regulate squad map, the undertaking construction, and clear procedures and plans. An official departmental construction has yet to be adopted.

In early 2010, as portion of the on-going organisational patterned advance, the manager, by mandate of the council, employed a really capable and extremely qualified section helper. Her function in the section is similar to that of a section secretary. In late 2010, one of the elective Council members suffered medical complications and had to vacate his station. Harmonizing to the construction of authorities, the vacant place must be filled by an appointee for the balance of the Councilman ‘s term, which at that clip was two old ages. After seeking advice from the section manager every bit good as legal advocate, the section secretary decided to use for the unfastened place with the apprehension that she would non be required to waive her current place in the section. After several interviews, she was determined to be the most qualified for the place, and was appointed for the balance of the term. She was besides allowed to retain her current place in the section. This organisational alteration has introduced some complications into the group composing that are both obvious and vague.

It is of import to observe that neither the manager non the Councilwoman have any malicious purpose. Both desire to further relationships of success and coaction. When the Councilwoman is executing her office responsibilities, she desires to be respectful to the manager ‘s leading. When she is moving as a Councilwoman, the manager desires to esteem her leading. However, despite the coveted common regard, the secretary is of course get downing to make full the places of a Councilwoman, with all the authorization built into the place, which induces leading power confusion into the section that is presently set uping employee morale, squad operation, and other group norms. This power confusion is why Gulick wrote about the necessary constitution of system authorization ( 1996, p.81 ) . In order to accomplish organisational success, a manager must be allowed to ease and stimulate the work ( p.82 ) . He argues that there should be one “ maestro ” facilitator. Multiple Masterss will merely confound the work, disrupt group functionality, and can finally do departmental disfunction ( p.83 ) .

In the same mode that Peter Scholtes describes parts of a system, the section has its ain intent and personality that contributes to the authorities organisation in both positive and potentially negative ways ( 1998, p.22 ) . Given no specific organisational mission, ends, or aims, the positive parts are grounds by the section ‘s ability to fulfill the demands of the County Council. The negative parts can be contributed to the organisation ‘s deficiency of mission, ends, and aims ; they can besides be contributed to missing leading from the section, who is responsible for the section as a map in the system.

One such negative part is the oh-so-common departmental desire for a larger piece of the budgetary pie than was awarded the twelvemonth prior. The County fosters no collaborative attempt for sections to run into their fiscal demands, which leaves a large terra incognita when section heads meet with the County Council separately to discourse one-year budgetary issues. For illustration, when one section requires a peculiar tool that was already awarded to another section, this could ( and has ) create a competitory environment if leading incompetency can non larn appropriate coaction between sections. Fostering an environment of competition is non contributing to organisational success, and puts non lone sections at odds with each other, but each section at odds with the County Council. The job here is imbedded in the organisational civilization, of which both section leaders and the County Council have fostered an environment of competition instead than coaction.

This is relevant to the relationship between the new Councilwoman and the Planning and Development Services Department Director. During budget season, the manager is responsible for viing for the demands of his section, while the Councilwoman has a fiducial duty to seek out the demands of the whole organisation. Under this subject, Scholtes said, “ When wagess are a affair of internal competition among coworkers, they create victors and also-rans and adversarial relationships among those who should be co-workers. ( p. 39 ) ”

Organizational design, group design, and personal features are all inputs that go into the design constituents of the single degree ( Cummings & A ; Worley, 2009 ) . The organisational disfunction as a cause of hapless authorities construction and unqualified leading, and the departmental disfunction as a cause of leading confusion and deficiency of clear section ends, aims, and directives have dramatic consequence on the employee. These complications obscure the designation and prioritization of undertakings, which in bend sends false negative signals to both clients and to leading that staff are incompetent. The thought of staff incompetency stimulates leading to carry on more micromanagement instead than leting employees to execute their undertakings in a quasi-autonomous environment. This phenomenon is an all-too-common physiological reaction that suffocates employee motive, larning and creativeness, and creates a stiff organisational construction that appears unqualified as a whole. ( find beginnings and commendations )

Change Strategy

This alteration scheme is aimed to switch authorities disposal off from the old traditional signifier of direction, which Salamon calls a hierarchical system of direction, that pits public involvements against private involvements, and is made for the intent of bid and control ( Salamon, 2002 ) . McGregor indicates that this system assumes that employees are by nature lazy, selfish, and will acquire out of work whenever possible, and that people need to be forced and controlled ( McGregor, 2008 ) . Salamon goes on to reason that a new administration paradigm is called for to switch plan and bureau to tool ; hierarchy to web ; public vs. private to public and private ; bid and control to dialogue and persuasion ; and from direction accomplishments to enablement, or facilitation accomplishments. This scheme is aimed to make merely that.

Organizational Level.

As mentioned, altering the signifier of County authorities is beyond the range of this alteration scheme. However, there are ways in which the current system basically maps that can and should be changed in order to supply a better system of authorities services disposal.

1. Mission Statement. I recommend planing an official mission statement. A mission statement is the cardinal foundation from which an organisational construction can be framed ( Insert a quotation mark with commendation ) . A mission statement must measure the County ‘s relevancy to its stakeholders. Clear designation of stakeholders is necessary to finish this undertaking. To get down the County out, I suggest the undermentioned stakeholders:

The revenue enhancement remunerators of the County

Elected functionaries

internal authorities leaders

Internal authorities employees

External governmental bureaus

Land proprietors

Political lobbyist and militants

Particular involvement groups


2. Strategy Map. After a mission statement is established, I recommend making a strategic map of the organisation. A scheme map includes ( happen scheme map info, and citation ) .

3. Goals and Aims. The mission statement and scheme map are indispensable in order to place ends and aims for the organisation. Goals and aims facilitate and give relevancy to the organisational construction ; they help leading define criterions for steps of success ; and they provide appraising standards from which to establish a human resource system.

4. Needs Evaluation. The organisation should carry on a needs appraisal that flushes out what each section needs to be successful, and what is presently missing. If there are public presentation job countries, the demands appraisal should assist find what the lacks result from. Needs ratings should be conducted on a regular basis, as demands displacement over clip.

Even though the current signifier of authorities does non supply for a strong administrative leader, these alterations are come-at-able with the current system every bit long as values of coaction and working as a squad are built into the map of the County Council. ( Cite something about squads ) .

Constructing Steering Teams and Provide Communication

By and large, the current organisational civilization is really resistive to alter. Employees and leaders feel rooted in how things have been done. In the yesteryear, the Council has organized and re-organized those sections within their control, but enduring alteration has non solidified because these alterations have been more like traveling about deck chair on the sinking titanic. Change must non merely come from the Council, it must come from within, particularly from other elected functionaries who seem to be the most rooted in how things are. They must be convinced that there is a job, and that they are portion of the solution. Constructing an executive guiding squad will assist the large alteration determinations go over on the organisation easier. Building smaller steering squads that consist of an eclectic cross subdivision of staff will assist circulate the ground and intent of the alteration, and increase employee buy-in.

Steering squads are lone portion of the conflict. The organisation must further a sense of unfastened communicating, wherein leaders can show the demand for alteration, and employees feel safe to talk their sentiments. Keeping an unfastened feedback cringle from the full organisation will assist the County reconnect with itself as a system of webs instead than as a hierarchical signifier of bid and control.

To further successful alteration, the County must extinguish all sense of competition. Whether for a larger piece of the budget pie, or for leading control, or any other ground, bring oning competition into an organisation turns it on itself, and undermines success. A better web of coaction is necessary. If the organisational civilization can switch from any trust on competition between sections in favour of coaction the “ winner-loser ” consequence can be eliminated between section caputs and between the Council and each section.

Department Level.

Regardless of whether or non the County will alter, the Planning and Development Services Department can still put up a better system of administration within itself. Everything that the County is missing as a whole ( i.e. , mission, vision, strategic program, ends and aims, and steps of success ) is besides missing in the section. As refreshing as the managers new leading manner is, it can still be improved. It presently appears that because steps of success are non clearly defined, the manager on occasion uses that as a method of switching the groups way. This uncertainness requires staff to abandon any sense of liberty or internal coaction to keep on to the his shifting way. In order for the section to move more as a squad, the manager should make clear parametric quantities to which he and all others can adhere, so the group can switch from codependency on the manager in favour an mutualist squad.

As with the County as an organisation, replacing competition for coaction will extinguish the disagreement between the Planning and Development Services Director and the secretary/councilwoman. When the web is seeking to carry through a common mission, so squad directives are easy negotiated. Working as a squad, with leading moving more in a facilitation or enablement function, the section can travel from an bureau, to a tool of the County ‘s authorities. ( Salamon, 2002 )

Individual Level.

If the organisational and departmental degrees can supply the clear directive, so the human side of the organisation can eventually be empowered to execute. The alteration may be hard for some who are rooted in the old ways. The fright of alteration is basically the fright of the unknown. Leadership must reply many of these terra incognitas by easing undertaking individuality and precedence, guaranting equal preparation in new procedures, and set up clear outlooks and steps of success. These constituents, combined with a structured mission, and ends and aims, will assist give employees the liberty they need to execute for the section, which, as Scholtes indicates, when aligned with the organisation will in bend provide for the County as a whole.

Leaderships will be wise to understand that current employees have been conditioned to move in a mode that is codependent on leading. Coens and Jenkins writes:

“ After decennaries of conditioning employees to believe that person else is responsible for their growing and public assistance, turn toing the nucleus incentives will experience awkward and uncomfortable for supervisors and employees. ” ( 2002 )

Implementing and Prolonging Change

Cohen indicates that it may be easy for a alteration enterprise to skid back into the old ways. He suggests, as I am now proposing, that invariably bring oning the urgency for alteration into the construction is imperative to a successful alteration. There should be a grade of continuity that allows the organisation to continually measure the phase that the alteration is at, and alter the conversation about the alteration as appropriate. The consistent and unfastened duologue about the alteration can be emphasized by exposing the little successes that the alteration gives the organisation over clip. Changeless alteration monitoring is indispensable to converting the organisation that the alteration is worth the attempt, and will pay off in the terminal.


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