Changes In Matter

Question Answer
A ___________________ is a change that results in the
formation of a new substance.
chemical change
A _______________________ is a change that does not result
in a new substance.
physical change
An ____________________ is the smallest possible particle of an element. atom
A _______________________is a physical change that occurs when matter changes from one state to another. change of state
A ___________________ is a trait of a substance by itself. physical property
A_____________________ is a property that involves how a substance interacts with other substances. chemical property
A_______________________is a substance made of two or more kinds of atoms that are chemically combined. compound
An ________________ is a substance made of just one kind of atom. element
Which items contain matter? Which items do not contain matter? paper, light, wood, heat, energy water, air, iron, sound, hair, rock, chocolate Matter – paper, chocolate, wood, water, hair, iron, rock, air
No matter – energy, sound, light,heat
What is the difference between an element and a compound? an element is made of one type of substance and a compound is made of more that one substance.
Classify each substance as an element or compound.
iron, salt, steel, sulfur dioxide, gold,
water, silver,oxygen
elements – iron, silver, oxygen, gold
compounds – salt, steel, water, sulfur dioxide
What are some physical properties of metals? shiny, stretch out thin and flat like foil, can be pulled into wire
Is hydrogen and oxygen combining to form water a physical or chemical change? chemical change
Is sugar dissolving in tea a chemical or physical change? physical change
Is liquid water freezing and becoming ice a physical or chemical change? physical change
Is baking bread a physical or chemical change? chemical change
If 2 substances are mixed (like popcorn and pretzels), but can later be separated, has a chemical reaction taken place? Yes or No. Explain. No. No new substance has been formed. They can still be separated.
If 2 or more substances are mixed together and they are baked in an oven, has a chemical reaction taken place? Yes or No. Explain. Yes. A new substance was formed. Signs of a chemical change are present.
Why is sugar dissolving in water a physical change and not a chemical change? Sugar can be separated from the water through the process of evaporation. No new substance is formed.
What happens to metal objects when left in water? Metal objects rust. A chemical reaction takes place when water is left on a metal object.
What are the 3 states of matter? How can each be changed? Solid – heat will melt it and turn it to a liquid
Liquid – freeze and become a solid or evaporate and form a gas
Gas – cool and condense to form a liquid
Is a rock crushed into small pieces a physical or chemical change? physical change
Is baking soda fizzing in vinegar a physical or chemical change? chemical change

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