Changes in population structure in Poland Essay


Since the start in 1990, Poland has seen speedy alterations in its demographic forms. If we look at household construction, these are the hold or even rejection of matrimony and childbirth, the extend of alternate life planning and lifting Numberss of matrimonies stoping in divorce. As a effect, the Total Female matrimony Rate dropped from 0.90 in 1989 to 0.57 in 2004 and the Entire Fertility Rate fell from 2.03 to 1.23. Mortality forms in Poland have besides undergone a important alteration. Life anticipation has been lifting since 1992 following two decennaries of really diffident betterment and a impermanent addition in mortality at the beginning of the 1990s. It increased by 4 old ages for adult females and about 4.5 old ages for work forces over the 1992-2004 period. The major betterment has been observed for babies. In 2004, the infant mortality rate was less than half of that in 1989. As respects international migration, the limited mobility of the past arising from political limitations has come to an terminal and today migration from and to Poland is lending significantly to the volume of migratory flows.

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Changes in population structure in Poland Essay
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The procedure of demographic alteration in Poland has certainly non ended yet. Although demographists have some outlooks about the way of future population developments in this state, a batch still remains unsure. The uncertainness is turning due to ongoing economic transmutation in Poland, its entry into the EU, and the effects of opening the national economic system to extremely competitory planetary markets. The ripening of Poland ‘s population is an extra challenge. This procedure has already started and can non be avoided. The higher per centum of the aged will ensue in greater loads on the working-age population in footings of fiscal support and attention. Consequently, population ripening will impact the province of the state ‘s public fundss and its societal security system.


Roll uping the information and executing the survey were presented by the usage of informations from the Central Statistical Office. I was able to interview immature and old local people, and emailed a expert ( Ms. Daniela Szymanska ) , who wrote a few bulletins about the geographical subjects of Poland. At the Polish ww2 parachute recollection twenty-four hours, I met Mr. Jan Minkiewicz who is a Polish transcriber presents but used to be working with Lech Walesa. He explained me his position of the population construction and how the autumn of communism changed this, and what he thinks will be the societal and economic effects. During my research I found out that it was really hard to acquire a good overview of the population changes that took topographic point during and after the autumn of the Communist government. I saw that some people were still in favour of the Communist times, and some were to the full against it so they related their sentiment by their feelings alternatively of looking it from both positions. Fortunately two of the local people gave me a unfastened minded reply and Ms Daniela Szymanska helped me with this every bit good.

This manner would give me the best overview on looking at How the autumn of communism changed the population construction of Poland and what the societal and economic effects of these were because I could analyse the information from the Central Statistical Office ( GUS ) , with the sentiments of locals and facts of experts, and see if they relate with each other and the information given.

Datas from the distributions for birthrate, mortality and migration are generated to bring forth a chance distribution of population.

Theoretical constructs of population

The alteration in population Numberss in a state will depend on the birth rate, the decease rate and migration. The natural addition in population of a state is calculated utilizing the undermentioned equation:

Natural addition = Birth rate – Death rate

There are important differences between the rates of natural addition. Population growing rates vary with clip, and from topographic point to topographic point.

Birth rate – the figure of kids born per 1000 people per twelvemonth

Death rate – the figure of deceases per 1000 people per twelvemonth

Migration – the balance between immigrants and emigres

Life anticipation – This entry contains the mean figure of old ages to be lived by a group of people born in the same twelvemonth, if mortality at each age remains changeless in the hereafter. The entry includesentire populationevery bit good as themaleandfemaleconstituents. Life anticipation at birth is besides a step of overall quality of life in a state and summarizes the mortality at all ages. It can besides be thought of as bespeaking the possible return on investing in human capital and is necessary for the computation of assorted actuarial steps.

Net migration – The difference of immigrants and emigres of an country in a period of clip, divided ( normally ) per 1,000 dwellers ( considered on midterm population ) . A positive value represents more people come ining the state than go forthing it, while a negative value intend more people go forthing than come ining it.

The demographic passage theoretical account

The demographic passage theoretical account shows what might go on to the birth rate, decease rate and natural addition, with clip. This theoretical account is good for depicting population alterations European counties.

Population pyramids and how they relate to the demographic passage theoretical account

The construction of a population can be seen by a population pyramid. The pyramid shows the proportion of males and females at 5 twelvemonth age intervals. From the population pyramids, it can be determined whether the population is turning, stable or likely to worsen. As a state moves through each phase in the demographic passage theoretical account, the form of the population pyramid will alter.

Dependency ratio

The aged are normally non working and are dependent on the remainder of the population. In add-on, the younger population is besides dependent on the remainder. A dependence ratio can therefore be calculated.

Dependency ratio = Number of kids & A ; lt ; 15 + figure of aged & A ; gt ; 60

Number of people of a on the job age

Life anticipation:

Longer life anticipation

Life anticipation has improved in Poland since the early 1980 ‘s and this may be partially due to a better environment in big urban countries. In 1980 people were populating 70.1 old ages on norm but by 1998 this figure had gone up to 73 old ages. Infant mortality has decreased excessively, it went down from over 19 per 1000 in 1990 to 9 per 1000 in 1998.

Differences in tendencies and future jobs

Demograpic passage theoretical account:

Phase 1 – High stationary phase

Death rate:High due infective diseases, such as enteric fever and cholera, hapless nutrition and even famine and wars.

Birth rate:High due to miss of household planning, low position of adult female and a high baby mortality, kids add to the household income through child labor ; encourages big households.

Phase 2 – Early expanding phase

Death rate:Menachem begins to fall due to improved medical specialties, nutrition, sanitation and H2O supply.

Birth rate:Remain high

Phase 3 – Late expanding phase

Death rate:Continues to fall due to greater betterments in wellness, sanitation and nutrition ; attention for elderly introduced.

Birth rate:Starts to fall as kids are prevented from working and so go a drain on the households, wealth ; infant decease had been reduced ; household planning techniques become more widely available and acceptable position of adult female rises and the matrimony age additions.

Phase 4 – Low stationary phase

Death rate:remains low

Birth rate:degrees off ; through household planning, the coveted size for the household matches the achieved household size.

Phase 5 – Declining phase

Death rate:could increase as a greater proportion of the population is aged

Birth rate:Continues to be low ; fiscal and occupation insecurity may cut down it even further.

Although fewer kids are deceasing and people are populating longer, the population growing rate in Poland slowed dramatically during the 1990 ‘s. The first diminution in the postwar period was seen in 1999 when the population dropped by about 13000. What is go oning to the Polish population reflects planetary tendencies towards a decelerating down of population addition. As they become more developed many states experience population diminution for a figure of grounds. Poland for illustration has become a land of chance and immature people frequently feel there is more to life than get downing a household. The birth rate has decreased despite new Torahs curtailing entree to deliver control. Abortion in now merely permitted on medical evidences or when gestation is the consequence of a condemnable act.



When we look at the birthrate appraisals in Poland, we can see that twosomes in Poland made a large alteration in their birthrate portion in the last few old ages. When we look at Poland we can decidedly state it ‘s one of the chief states which are lead by the Catholic traditions, household ship that is truly of import and household and labour subdivision policies which create circumstantial force between household and work. This major job has lead towards that Poland is portion of the states were birthrate is on its lowest degrees.

Poland has seen a high criterion of birthrate, before the economic transmutation came. What I mean by this is that in the 1950s the common birthrate rate would be 3 kids per adult female, which was high for European criterions. In the 1970s and 1980s this started to drop towards 2.2 or 2.3. Birthrate had experienced a large alteration in Poland after the autumn of communism. A large bead in the birthrate rate happened in the first old ages when economic system started to alter drastically, and it became even worse in the 1990s when the strengths of holding birth would go on on older ages. All of this resulted towards a average age of 28 of holding birth and a bead in birthrate rate which had its flood tide in 2003 ( 1.2 kids per adult female ) .

I assume that the negative tendency in Poland will somewhat alter. I assume that the entire birthrate rate will diminish even more in the approaching old ages because the procedure of giving birth at older ages. It does n’t intend that it will give an addition in birth because in my sentiment due to jobs with colony between work and household and because of the rise in competition in labour markets, due to the economic crisis for illustration. It causes that birthrate rate will stay low.


Due to a better public assistance system Poland has had a positive betterment in mortality. Life anticipation has had a major rise at birth, when we look at the post-war period in the 1950s it went up for work forces from 56 until 65 and besides for adult female from 62 boulder clay 71.4. After this it had a period of two decennaries in which it stopped for a piece. Merely a addition by 2 old ages in life anticipation at birth for adult female occurred while work forces had about no alteration. The development of the so called ups and downs in male life anticipation had as consequence, a bigger addition in the mortality in sexual spread. Get downing from the 1960s the spread of life anticipation grew from 5.9 old ages towards 8.9 in 1989 ) . was already get downing to acquire more unfastened. A rise in mortality for every age group measured occurred when Communist government had fallen, but this was merely for three old ages. A start in diminishing mortality began in 1992, which resulted into a 4 and a half old ages addition of male life anticipation, and about 4 old ages for adult female.

I presume when I look over the statistics that had been provided that the mortality will go on to better. Improvement in mortality wo n’t be every bit fast as it was during the period between the autumn of communism and 2006 cause that had to make with a large addition in healthy life manner, still it will alter because Poland has a batch of catching up to run into EU criterions and so economic development and criterion of life will go on. What I mean by this is the development of bar in diseases, medical specialty and a healthier life style.

This does n’t intend that life anticipation will go on to increase in the long term. Because it looks logical that mortality will go on to better, but all this is depending on if Poland keeps developing its economic system and its public wellness attention and this is ever unpredictable.

Net migration

When we look around the period of 1950 until 1988, you know that the motion of the population was extremely controlled by communist authorities and moved under limitations.

When migration degree changed exceptionally during that period merely a specific class of migrators were portion of this for illustration the Jews in Poland or Germans.

The large roar in migration started after the autumn of communist times in 1989, because limitations were about gone and the people of Poland were allowed to travel abroad.

This made a high strength of migration motion, net migration in that manner was reasonably changeless and went back and Forth between -11,8 and -17,9 ( out of population 1000 ) , which likely is due by the lessening economic state of affairs in Poland. Its maximal degree was reached in 2006 which was -36,1 which is a major difference, but this can be based by the fact that Polish workers migrated towards the United Kingdom, which was one of the states which instantly was opening its labor market to people from in agreement states.

Because Poland entered the EU in 2004, the hereafter of international migration will most be depending on the free labour motion which will be decided by EU Members.

So net migration in Poland is traveling to diminish because the out-migration of Polish people towards rich states that opened their labour markets will be high. In 2011 until 2012 the chance is high that another maximal degree will be reached due to the free motion of workers. On the other manus the economic state of affairs in Poland will better which will take towards an addition of attraction of migrators from the former Soviet Union states for illustration. This could be a solution which could do the in-migration inflow a precedence above other facets. This means that Poland could go, if we look in the long tally like around 2025 a in-migration state.

Aging procedures in Poland

Along with the diminution in its entire population, Poland will confront rapid population ageing. This procedure will non merely be the consequence of low birthrate and lifting life anticipation but besides of the turn overing demographic roars and flops in the yesteryear. The estimated figure of births for 1999 was 382000 compared to 723000 in 1983. The combination of low birth rates and longer life anticipation means that the mean age of the population as a whole is increasing. Prognosiss predict that the figure of pensionaries will outnumber workers by 2025. If this happens so the following coevals of Polish workers will necessitate to pay high revenue enhancements to back up their parent ‘s coevals.


Poland ‘s peaceable passage from communism to democratic authorities is one of the most singular narratives if the 1990s. It ‘s clear that the Polish society had to stay stable, but merely could n’t due to the fact that such a large alteration occurred in such a fast clip.

Although no 1 can state with certainty what the demographic development in Poland of the hereafter will look like, but we can be pretty certain that the population of Poland will worsen in future and that a farther promotion in population ripening is predictable. This procedure will hold terrible deductions on the fiscal conditions of the societal security system and the province of public finance in this state.

Hopefully will the Polish authorities happen a manner to work out, in my position one of the biggest upcoming job for Poland.


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