Changes In Teaching Strategies Essay

The chief aim of this study is to see the alterations in learning schemes over the old ages and if these alterations in learning schemes has really helped or made things worst? I will be looking into the different degrees of instruction and from there see if these alterations in learning schemes has helped the pupils in this new coevals. These would besides assist me see these alteration in learning schemes prove utile to assist determine Singapore ‘s hereafter.

Singapore ‘s instruction history
Singapore is a state with different races and faiths live togethering together. Singapore had to make something to turn to the job of the legion private schools that existed during Colonial regulation. It was so decided that Singapore had to convey all the racially funded and administered private schools under the direction of the freshly established Ministry of Education, this policy of ‘Education for All ‘ was somehow like a platform that would assist the different races go through a common educational experience but besides a common set of educational criterions and course of study that would function as the foundation for Singapore ‘s economic hereafter.

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Changes In Teaching Strategies Essay
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This educational system helps to offer equal chances for all regardless of race or spiritual denomination, pupils ‘ advancement through the mainstream of this instruction system base on their accomplishments. All kids in Singapore will see ten or 11 old ages of compulsory basic instruction, six old ages of primary and four or five old ages of secondary instruction, following after which, registration into the limited vacancies and Fieldss of survey conducted by the establishments of higher acquisition. These higher acquisition include, Junior colleges ( Pre-university ) , Polytechincs ( Diploma and vocational instruction ) , ITE ( Institute of Technical Education ) or International and private schools. After completion of these institutes they are so given a pick of pursing grades locally or overseas.

In the 1985/6 Economic commission led by so Minister of State ( Trade and Industry ) BG Lee Hsien Loong, indentified instruction as one of the 18 services sector to be nurtured and promoted ( The Singapore Economy: New Direction, Feb 1986 ) . Education was recognised for its gross growing possible, net worth to the economic system every bit good as its export gaining possible.

And base on this beginning it states that the instruction industry contributes S $ 3.0 billion to Singapore ‘s economic system, which is 1.9 % of the GDP.

Primary school alterations
Subject-Based stria in Primary schools.
Get downing from the 2008 Primary 5 cohort, primary schools will present Subject-based Banding to replace the current EM3 stream.Currently EM3 watercourse pupils offer the Foundation degree for all topics. With Subject-based Banding, pupils will be able to offer a mix of Standard or Foundation topics depending on their aptitude in each topic. For case, if a pupil is weak in English and Mathematics, he can take to take English and Mathematicss at the Foundation degree while taking Mother Tongue Language and Science at the Standard degree. The ground for them making this is to supply pupils with customised and differentiated acquisition experiences, so as to gain their possible, while heightening chances for interaction among pupils. If being brought back to the old system where they had streaming the kid might hold been recommended to take all topics at the foundation degree. This will because it helps instructors to learn better and concentrate better on the pupils of the same group.

How Capable stria plants.
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TLLM ( Teach Less Learn More )
Teach less, larn more is more about learning better, prosecuting pupils in what they study and besides fix them for life which is besides means their hereafter instead than learning more for trials and scrutinies. It besides somehow reaches into the nucleus of instruction on things like why instructors teach, what they teach and how they teach this are the few things that they have to bear in head. The chief thing is besides to switch its focal point from “quantity” to “quality” in education.”More quality” in the footings of schoolroom interaction, chances for look, the acquisition of life-long accomplishments and edifice of one ‘s character through advanced and effectual instruction attacks and schemes by the instructor. And when they mean “less quantity” would be in the footings of rote-learning, insistent trials, and following prescribed replies and set expression. This would be the things that they would wish to cut down on.

This besides brings everything back to the clip where they foremost applied this scheme and traveling on from where they left off. In this instance there are different subjects each twelvemonth in MOE. And for this twelvemonth which is 2009 their subject would hold to be TLLM ( Teach Less Learn More ) .

History of when it started.
Thinking Schools, Learning Nation ( TSLN ) was adopted as the vision statement for MOE in 1997. It continues to be the chief land of this transmutation in the instruction system, consisting alterations in all facets of instruction. These alterations articulate how MOE would endeavor toward the Desired Outcomes of Education ( DOEs ) .

Since 2003, they have focused more on one facet of their DOEs, i.e. fostering a spirit of Innovation and Enterprise ( I & A ; E ) . This will assist construct up a nucleus set of life accomplishments and attitudes that they want to accomplish in pupils. It besides helps promotes the mentalities that they want to see in the pupils, instructor, school leaders and beyond.

TLLM ( Teach Less Learn More ) is being build on the basis laid in topographic point by the systemic and structural betterments under TSLN, and the mentality alterations promoting schools under I & A ; E. It continues the TSLN journey to better the quality of interaction between instructors and pupils, so that pupils can be more engaged in their acquisition and better achieve the coveted results of instruction. The relationship between TSLN, I & A ; E and TLLM is shown in Figure 1 below.

Remember Why We Teach –


For the Learner

To Rush through the Syllabus

To Excite Passion

Out of Fear of Failure

For Understanding

To Distribute Information Merely

For the Trial of Life

For a Life of Trials

Reflect on What We Teach –


The Whole Child

The Subject





Searching Questions

Textbook Answers

Reconsider How We Teach –


Engaged Learning

Drill and Practice

Differentiated Teaching

‘One-size-fits-all ‘ Direction

Steering, Facilitating, Modeling


Formative and Qualitative Assessing

Summational and Quantitative Testing

Spirit of invention and endeavor

Set Formulae, Standard Answers

Taken from hypertext transfer protocol: //

A more in depth position on Teach less learn more.

The instruction system has embarked in a new stage new this approaching old ages. And they are really holding a alterations in focal point from measure to quality and from the old thing of efficiency to something called acquisition. Overall it is a displacement in focal point from an efficiency-driven system to one focal point on quality acquisition for the pupils.

These alterations is easy fetching topographic point in schools and besides third establishments. And the chief focal point they want to touch on is holding this thing of an all-around instruction so that the younger coevals can develop a character that will assist them counter troubles they might confront in life and besides assist them unrecorded life to its fullest. They are besides non burying to look into countries like endowments besides academic accomplishments of oneself. And they are besides supplying more avenues for pupils like holding more flexibleness in school course of study and this will assist pupils detect their endowments and involvement and besides with this instruction system they will be able to travel every bit far as they can. This quality instruction is more of assisting pupils fix for life alternatively of scrutinies. And besides the dream to give every pupil foremost category instruction. Like what the Prime curate said in his National twenty-four hours mass meeting address, Singapore needs a mountain scope of different endowments, with each being the best that they can be.

This will promote inventions. New learning patterns from the Teachs to the pupils. This will assist react to the schools demands and besides the demands of the pupils. This will besides let thoughts to bubble up through the system instead than being pushed down from the top.

We have to besides understand that different school is different. This is because pupils differ in acquisition manners and involvements. Teachers must cognize what sort of learning manner that will accommodate the pupils so that they are able to larn better and besides determine a good character. At primary degree we can see that the programme called SEED is being applied and as for the secondary school, schools are custom-making the course of study for assorted topics so that the pupils are able to larn more efficaciously. Some illustrations are holding like out-of-door experiences and besides through the humanistic disciplines and this can assist develop life accomplishments amongst pupils.

The MOE is really supportive and besides encourages instructors to take the clip to believe through about the betterments they can do which can assist prosecute pupils separately. And through this the system wants to promote pupils for greater flexibleness of options on what they want to larn and how they want to larn. The chief thing is for the schools to besides take ownership on doing good determinations for their scholars so as they can travel frontward in instruction.

Having this Teach less learn more does n’t intend that the instructors are told to make less but alternatively to learn better and besides one time once more prepare pupils for the existent life instead than scrutinies. Teachers are recommended to reflect and to rehearse professional sharing and besides interact more with the pupils and therefore more clip and infinite are given to the instructors. In order to hold this happen sum of content in the course of study is being reduced and besides infinite will be build into the instructor ‘s hebdomadal timetable so as to give them more clip to reflect and portion.

Traveling into more item about pupils holding more flexibleness, the chief thing is for pupils to assist detect endowments among themselves and besides holding a more focussed pick about the sort of instruction they want to prosecute. And one illustration would hold to be engineering schools choosing pupils with particular endowments and accomplishments, besides their O degree scrutiny consequences.

One instance survey ( Yishun Town Secondary )

Teachers in that school found that their pupils were unable to prolong involvement in the humanistic disciplines curriculum in their lower secondary categories and so they decided to downsize the content to concentrate more on the accomplishments and give the instructors more infinite to acquire the pupils engaged. And their scheme is to hold lessons taken beyond the schoolrooms where pupils detect new cognition for themselves and they besides introduced unfastened book appraisals that used instance surveies or scenarios. Students so had to use the cognition leant alternatively of jus remembering facts.

As we look more in deepness to learn less learn more we can see that the chief aim is to hold more interaction with the pupils, more infinite for the instructors to make better lesson programs and besides for the pupils to cognize their field of involvement and from there work on it with this instruction system and set themselves to the fullest potency.

Schools have their ain ways of custom-making their ain instruction schemes. And this schemes apply to those of the same sort. And when I mean same sort I talk about pupils who find that this larning method suits them. For illustration, the SEED programme is being applied for the primary schools.

The SEED programme
It really represents Schemes for Effective and Engaged Development. And the chief vision is merely the same as Teach less learn more but it ‘s scheme is more focussed on lower primary pupils. Primary school pupils who are in primary 1 and 2. The chief aim of this is for the pupil to self discover and this in bend will assist the pupil or the scholar to see cognition and accomplishments alternatively of being told how it is like. And it besides allows the pupils to hold a more quizzical spirit and this is to assist kids go more participative in application of cognition and accomplishments. And this besides allows pupils to do errors during the acquisition procedure which is really utile when the pupil reaches the on the job universe so as to construct a resiliency to take knocks and falls faced.

With this scheme, pupils get to larn through the out-of-doorss, and this is known as experiential acquisition. Let ‘s expression into a instance survey of Kranji Primary school.

They have got this STELLAR programme which focuses on pupils who love reading and through this they believe that pupils who love reading have a strong foundation in the English linguistic communication and through this they aim to learn English through more speech production and listening activities with the usage of interesting books led with treatments by the instructor so as to develop the pupil ‘s hearing, speech production, reading and composing accomplishments. So they have activities like book inundation, function drama, listening station and the word survey Centre.

Besides holding that they have besides given the pupils picks like watching a professional theatrical public presentation or experimenting with multiple media in making an art piece. Through this pupils are able to detect more things about themselves. The cardinal characteristics that the school focuses on in a lesson would be the elements of interactions and drama. Through this the instructor will be able to listen to the pupil ‘s experiences, ideas and sentiments and this will assist the instructor in cognizing the pupil better so as to cognize the pupil ‘s strength ‘s and failing. The school besides provides a study on the pupils specific strengths and failing besides their usual classs. I find that this is really utile for the parent as the parent can work towards a way for their kids to a more successful hereafter.

Traveling on to a instance survey from ITE. I find that this instance survey has besides shown the effects of Teach less larn more and besides its focal point on instructor and pupil interaction. This is to besides demo the instruction schemes of TLLM at a different degree and its effectivity. But, foremost we have to cognize ITE ‘s slogan. ITE seeks to foster pupils into good rounded “Hands-on, Minds-on, Hearts on” alumnuss. The significance of custodies on is really holding pupils equip with the needed cognition and accomplishments set for employment and life long larning. Minds-on larning develops pupils into independent-thinking, advanced and flexible practicians. Hearts-on instruction helps to further pupils with passion and values towards self, others and the community.

Traveling on to the instance survey, this instructor really changed the manner he taught. In the yesteryear he use to be a austere and rigorous instructor and ever kept a distance with the pupils. But, as clip passed he gain that young persons are acquiring more ambitious to learn and he besides realised that many of them yearn for acknowledgment, attending and congratulations. And so he decided to strike a resonance with them by interrupting his theory lessons into shorter Sessionss with intervals in between. And during this intervals the instructor would take this clip to cognize his pupils better by cognizing more about their involvement and this helped to alleviate the humdrum of long lessons. The instructor besides encourages pupils to execute good. And when a trial is being conducted little wagess will be given to those who scored 80 and above. And before trials, the instructor would really text his pupils and state them to set their best battle for the scrutiny. And it showed great betterments and besides gave a higher passing rate. And this was a statement made by him “I strongly feel that in the profession of learning when we teach in forepart of the category, our behaviour, character and unity will be displayed to all pupils. We ca n’t conceal our honestness and earnestness. Students will be able to experience whether we are sincere to learn or assist them through our words and action towards them.”

There is this instance of a pupil who changed from being ill-famed to a star pupil. He did n’t make good during his primary school and secondary school. And he was expelled when in secondary 3 and was involved in many pack activities. And after go toing 2 old ages of national service he joined ITE and was really attentive during lesson but nevertheless he failed the first trial and was disappointed. When questioned by the instructor he merely kept quiet. But, shortly after he put his best attempt to make even better. And after some clip he told the instructor that he was really disheartened when he failed the first trial and was afraid that he might reiterate the same error he did the last clip. And the instructor had faith in him. Gave him a function as a pupil leader and was being nominated to travel abroad plan in China. And this gave him assurance and was touched because he would n’t hold been able to keep such stations if was the past. And this besides made his household proud of him and it someway changed him. He made first-class accomplishments and became one of the COM holder.

From the above instance survey of the effects of instructor and pupil interaction, which is portion of the TLLM and how it has changed the manner pupils survey and besides their classs. If there is person who believes in you, you should believe in yourself excessively that you are able to make it.

PBL scheme, Problem base acquisition.
Is a scheme adopted by RP or known as republic engineering school. And this scheme does n’t utilize a instructor but alternatively it uses a facilitator which besides acts as a wise man. And this job base acquisition allows pupils to work out replies together with other pupils. And pupils are being told to work together as a group.

How it works.
Students will be given a job for the twenty-four hours and at that place after they are being told to come out with a job definition templet which requires pupils to look into my inside informations about the job. For illustration, looking back on old cognition on what they know which can assist to work out the job, what they do non cognize so as to cognize the obstructions they face with the job and what they need to happen out so as to cognize the focal point they should hold to work out the job for the manner. The facilitator will steer them to do certain that what they write is relevant so as non to travel off focal point.

Worksheets are being given to pupils to make so as to hold a better usher to work on the solution. And it besides helps pupils to maintain focal point on the larning aims of the twenty-four hours. There after the facilitator will look into the advancement of the pupils and besides to see if the pupils are traveling on the right path.

After traveling through the replies with the facilitator pupils are so asked to make their presentation slides and collate all their replies together and present. There after they will be able to see replies given by the other squads and besides the theoretical account reply which is given by the facilitator. During the presentations inquiries will be asked so as to turn out your apprehension towards the solutions and when listening to others presentation it besides allows one to be unfastened to a different angle of job work outing solutions every bit good.

Once school is over. Students will be given quizzes to make and besides an RJ to compose and non burying to measure their fellow equals for their parts for the twenty-four hours. This is how RP applies this instruction scheme for their pupils.

And I find that this scheme is instead good because pupils are being taught job work outing accomplishments and besides critical thought accomplishments which can be applied usefully to the existent universe and it truly helps pupils prepare themselves for the approaching obstructions they may meet in the approaching hereafter. With presentations at the terminal of the twenty-four hours besides helps strengthens the pupils assurance in talking out and showing themselves.

This is good because it besides allows pupils to do errors. And like the usual statement that people ever use. Learn from errors someway makes one retrieve the right reply better. In the past we can see that people make errors and from at that place they learned from it and became successful from at that place. It besides helps to widen 1s position of solutions alternatively of one.


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