Changes to Earth's Surface

Question Answer
What is the thin outer skin of Earth? crust
What is the layer of Earth that extends from the bottom of the mantle to Earth's center? core
What is the removal and transportation of weathered material? erosion
What is a huge sheet of ice that stays frozen all year? glacier
What is a deep valley in mid-ocean formed where two plates move apart? rift
What is a break in Earth's crust where rocks slide past each other? fault
What is the point inside Earth where an earthquake begins? mantle
What is the layer of Earth under the crust? mantle
What allows the large, stiff plates of the lithosphere to move? the asthenosphere's ability to flow
Which of these is the due to energy being released as rocks in a fault slide past one another? earthquake
Which part of Earth consists of the crust and the uppermost part of the mantle? lithosphere
During an earthquake, why do S and P waves arrive at a detection point at a different point at different times? they travel at different speeds
What type of volcano is formed by violent volcanic eruptions? cinder cones
What is the correct list of Earth's layers from the outermost to innermost? crust;mantle;outer core;inner core
Where does sea-floor spreading occur? along the mid-ocean ridge
Which instrument is used to detect an earthquake? seismograph
What can you INFER from the chart about the relationship of the numbers and the Richter Scale? the larger numbers are linked to more damage done
You find small rocks downstream from a mountain made of the same rock. What can you INFER? the small rock was carried by the stream and deposited

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