Chapeters 3 and 4

Term Definition
Accuracy Being careful to preform with quality and efficiency
Courteous being polite, considerate, and helpful
respectful treating others with honor, esteem, courteous regard, and thoughtful consideration
dependable being reliable and trustworthy
flexible adaptable to change
tactfulness being able to respond to others with sensitivity and courtesy to avoid giving offense
accountability taking responsibility for you actions.
reactive responds without considering the situation, resulting in actions or words regretted later.
Acute care hospital Healthcare for patients who suddenly become ill. (AKA hospital)
Teaching hospital affiliated with medical schools and employ residents on staff
Long-term care facility provide skilled nursing care for people who are medically stable, yet need assistants with daily activities. (AKA Nursing homes)
Subacute care temporary care is provided with the goal of helping the patient regain strength, mobility, and function in order to return home or to assisted-living setting (between acute and long term care)
Home care private nurses, aids, and others so people can remain in their own homes.
assisted living- facilities adult homes
Ambulatory care medical care to non-residential patients who DO NOT stay over night
Corporation artificially created body with legal and business status regulated by the state
associate practice physicians that join together to share resources
Partnership when two or more physicians create a legal agreement that specifies rights, obligations, and responsibilities of each.
Sole Proprietor in charge of his or her own practice
group practice partnership with three or more licensed physicians
Physician Qualified to diagnose and treat patients for illness, prescribe medication, and preform surgery
Physician Assistant assist physician
registered nurse designs plan of nursing care and provides care to all types of patients
Licenses Practical Nurse Assists nurse or Physician with care of noncritical patients
nurse practitioner ( advanced practice nurse) provided advanced care to patients in specialty areas. may include diagnosis, medication, and treatment
physical therapist restores strength, mobility, and function
occupational therapist helps patients preform Activities of Daily living and occupational tasks.
radiologist tech created images of organs, tissues, and bones.
Medical Lab Tech tests blood, body fluid, and tissues
Coding specialist reads and analyzes documents to translate care given into procedural and diagnostic codes for reimbursements
Medical Transcription translates drs dictation of medical history, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis into written form

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