Chapter: 1 Radiology- History of Dental Radiography

Founder of X-ray, November 8, 1895
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
Made the first dental radiograph, 1896
Otto Walkhoff
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Chapter: 1 Radiology- History of Dental Radiography
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Made the first dental radiograph in the united states using a skull, 1896
W.J. Morton
exposed the first dental radiography in the USA using a living person, 1896.
C. Edmund Kells
developed first dental x-ray unit, then in 1901 first paper on dangers of x-radiation.
William H. Rollins
introduction of bisecting technique in 1904
Weston Price
wrote first dental text in 1913
Howard Riley Raper
introduced the bite-wing technique in 1925.
Howard Riley Raper
in 1913 first pre-wrapped intraoral dental films
Eastman Kodak Company
in 1913, first x-ray tube
William D. Coolidge
in 1920, first machine-made film packets
Eastman Kodak Company
1923, first dental X-Ray machine.
Victor X-Ray Corp, Chicago
in 1933, concept of rotational panoramics proposed
Howard Riley Raper
in 1838, built the first vaccuum tube
Heinrich Geissler
used the vacuum tube to study fluorescence, in 1870 he called these discharges cathode rays.
Johann Wilhelm Hittorf
In 1870, redesigned the vacuum tube and discovered that cathode rays were streams of charged particles.
William Crookes
In 1894, discovered that cathode rays could penetrate a thin window of aluminum foil built into the walls of the glass tubes and cause fluorescent screens to glow.
Phillip Lenard
first to use intraoral (inside the mouth) radiography.
Frank Van Woert
introduced the first paralleling technique in 1896.
C Edmund Kells
in 1920 used the paralleling technique in practical dental radiography.
Franklin W. McCormack
the father of modern dental radiography
F. Gordon Fitzgerald
in 1947 introduction of long-cone paralleling technique
F. Gordon Fitzgerald
in 1933 was the first to expose a panoramic radiograph
Hisatuga Numata
considered to be the father of panoramic radiography
Yrjo Paatero
in 1957, first variable-kilovoltage dental x-ray machine (KPV)
General Electric
a form of energy carried by waves or a stream of particles
a high-energy radiation produced by the collision of a beam of electrons with a metal target in a x-ray tube
a beam of energy that has the power to penetrate substances and record image shadows on photographic film or digital sensors
the science or study of radiation as used in medicine
A two- dimensional representation of a three- dimensional object (this is the actual picture)
a photographic image produced on an image receptor by the passage of x-rays through teeth and related structure
dental radiograph
the art and science of making radiographs by the exposure of film to x-rays
the production of radiographs of the teeth and adjacent structures by the exposure of an image receptor to x-rays
dental radiography
any person who positions, exposes, and processes dental x-ray image receptors
dental radiographer

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