Chapter 12 Rabbit Identification and Production Management

Question Answer
commercial medium rabbits are between 8 and 12 pounds in size
constipated unable to pass waste materials and feces
dwarf rabbits are fewer than 2 pounds as adults
free choice food given so that it is available at all times or as necessary
full arch giant breeds of rabbits that are over 14 pounds in size
giant breeds of rabbits that are over 14 pounds in size
hematoma collection of blood under the skin
hocks the tarsal joints at the point of the rear leg
hutches special cages designed for a rabbit that has a covered area to allow the rabbit to escape the weather and an open area that allows proper air and ventilation
hypnotize to place in a trance like state
laxative stool softener
miniature small rabbit breed under 2 pounds in size as an adult
night feces slightly softer feces that occur at night and provide nutrition for the digestive system by allowing for ease of breaking down plant materials
nonruminants animals with a specialized digestive system with a simple stomach built for slow digestion
pasteurella a naturally occuring bacteria in the respiratory tract of rabbits
precocial growth that occurs very quickly in bunnies so that thye are able to move away from danger in a short amount of time
plucked to pull out hair by hand
semi arch large breed rabbits that are between 12 and 14 pounds
Tyzzer's disease bacterial infection in rabbits that affects the digestive system that spreads through spores in the air

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