Chapter 14

2.27 ms
When a guitar string plats the note “a”, the string vibrates at 440 Hz. What is the period of the vibration?
a) 13 cm
b) 9.0 cm
An air-track glider is attached to a spring. The glider is pulled to the right and released from rest a t = 0 seconds. It then oscillates with a period of 2.0 seconds and a maximum speed of 40 cm/s.
A) What is the amplitude of the oscillation?
B) What is the glider’s position at t = 0.25 seconds?
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Chapter 14
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a) 10 cm
b) .5 Hz
c) + 120°
What are the (a) amplitude, (b) frequency, and (c) phase constant of the oscillation shown ( look at the figure)
An object in simple harmonic motion has an amplitude of 8.0 cm, a frequency of 0.25 Hz, and a phase constant of -pi/2. Draw a position graph showing two cycles of the motion
x(t)=(8.0cm)cos[(pi rad/s)t-pi rad]
An object in simple harmonic motion has an amplitude 8.0 cm and frequency .50 Hz. At t = 0 it has its most negative position. Write the function x(t) that describes the objects position.
a) .17 kg
b) .57 m/s
A spring with a spring constant 15 N/m hangs from the ceiling. A ball is attached to the spring and allowed to come to rest. It is then pulled down 6.0 cm and released. If the ball makes 30 oscillations in 20 s, what are its (a) mass and (b) max speed.
a) 4.0 s
B) 5.7 s
C) 2.8 s
D) 4.0 s
A mass on a string of unknown length oscillates as a pendulum with a period of 4.0 seconds. What is the period if
a) The mass is doubled.
b) The string length is doubled?
c) The sting length is halved?
d)The amplitude is doubled?
a) 2.0 s
b) 2.1 s
What is the period of a 1.0 m long pendulum on
a) The Earth
b) Venus
3.67 m/s squared
Astronauts on the first trip to Mars take along a pendulum that has a period on earth of 1.50 seconds. The period on Mars turns out to be 2.45 seconds. What is the free-fall acceleration on Mars?

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