Chapter 14 Ornamental Fish Identification and Production Management

Question Answer
acidity pH level below 7
acid rain polluted rainwater
aeration oxygen and air created in the water by making bubbles
aging allowing a water source to stand in a container for at least 5 days
alkalinity pH level about 7
aquarium basic container that water and fish
aquarium maintenance schedule (ams) list of important duties that should be completed and the frequency necessary for an adequate fish tank
ascites bacterial or viral infections, also called dropsy, that causes the fish to swell with fluid
biological filtration process of providing bacteria and other living organisms in the water to change harmful materials into forms that are safe
biological oxygenation the use of plants to create oxygen in the water
bottom dwelling fish fish that live and feed on the bottom or floor of a body of water
chemical filtration using special chemicals such as ozone and activated charcoal to keep the water clean and from becoming a yellowish color
cloudy eye bacterial infection that may affect one eye of both eyes of tropical fish
companion fish fish kept in people's homes as stress relievers and as entertainment
dissolved oxygen forms a gas state of oxygen in the water
diversity difference
egg depositers fish lay eggs on areas such as plants, rocks, or the bottom of a water source for protection
egg scatterers the fish spontaneously scatter their eggs around the tank as they swim
egg laying fish reproduce when the female releases eggs that are fertilized by the male's sperm
filtration method that allows removal of gases and solid materials from the water
fin rot bacterial disease that begins when fin tissues start to erode and the tissue becomes inflamed
fingerlings fish that are two years of age
fish fungus fungal disease known as "cotton wool disease" due to the appearance of tufts of growth that occur on the skin of the face, gills or eyes, which resemble cotton or wool
floss material within a filter made of gravel, charcoal, and filter material
fountain structures made of plastic, fiberglass or concrete that hold fish species and must be watertight
freshwater fish species of fish that live in freshwater with very little salt content
fry young newborn fish
gills organs that act as lungs and allow fish to breath by filtering oxygen in the water
habitat area where an animal lives
ich parasitic protozoan disease caused by a one celled organism
lateral line organ located just under the scales that picks up vibrations in the water
live bearing fish fish that bear or give birth to live young
lymphocytosis viral disease commonly called cauliflower disease
mechanical filtration various types of equipment that filters the water to remove harmful particles to keep the water clear
nitrogen a process that converts wastes into ammonia and then into nitrites and then into nitrates
ornamental fish popular pet kept in aquariums, which are small in size and vary in color and appearance
oxygenation process of keeping air in the water by using dissolved oxygen
pH level the quality of water on a scale of 1-14 with 7 being neutral
photosynthesis the process of sunlight allowing plants to grow in a water source
pigment the color of skin
plankton tiny plants that grow in water sources
ponds outside structure that varies in size as to how much water and space it contains
pool structure that holds a large amount of water and is made of plastic, fiberglass, or concrete and holds large amounts of fish
rain water source of water from the sky that can only be used if not contaminated or polluted
run a group of fish
salinity the amount of salt in a water source
saltwater fish species of fish that require salt in their water source
scales body covering that serves as skin and protects the outside of the fish
school group of fish
shoal fish usually live in groups of five or more breeders
specific gravity the weight of a liquid measurement
surface dwelling fish fish that live and feed near the surface or top of a body of water
swim bladder air filled sac that prevents fish from sinking and allows them to float and move through the depths of water
swim bladder disease bacterial disease that causes a fish to have difficulty swimming to the water's surface and in depths of water
synthetic seawater water that is man made
tank basic container that holds water and fish
tap water water that comes from faucet
thermometer used to measure the temperature of the water
thermostat used to control the water temperature when the water goes below a certain temperature
toxic poisonous
tropical fish small, brightly colored fish that require warm water and are naturally found in warm, tropical, locations
vat large structures that is made of metal or concrete that holds large amounts of water and is commonly used for breeding and reproduction of fish
well water water source from a well
yearlings fish that are a year of age

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