Chapter 15 Vocabulary Words

Term Definition
Rotation The spinning of Earth around its axis
Orbit A curved path
Revolution The movement of Earth around the Sun
Lunar Highlands The mountainous areas of the Moon
Maria The smooth dark regions of the Moon
Eclipse The Moon's shadow travels across parts of Earth
Tides A alternate rise and fall in sea level
Solar System A system made of eight planets and numerous other objects that orbit the Sun, all held in place by the Sun's immense gravity
Astronomical Unit- A unit of measure that equals 150 million km, which is the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun
Comet A large body of ice and rock that travels around the Sun in an elliptical orbit
Meteorites Any fragments from space that survive there plunge through the atmosphere and land on Earth's surface
Constellations Groups of stars that form patterns in the sky
Supernova An exploding star
Galaxy Groups of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity
Light year The distance light travels in one year

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