Chapter 17

Term Definition
compliance error an error occuring when patients do not follow their dosing regimen
deteriorated drug error use of an expired medication or one whose properties have beem compromised
failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) a process that evaluates where errors might occur and estimates their potential impact
high alert medications medications that have high risk of causing patient harm when used in error
improper dose error a dose that is greater than or less than that ordered by the prescriber
medication error any error occuring in the medication use process
medication misadventure a general term to describe drug-related incidents
monitoring error failure to review a medication order or associated clinical laboratory values
ommision error a scheduled dose that is omitted entirely
prescribing error error occurring duing the prescribing process
root cause analysis (RCA) a process for retrospectively analyzing an error
unauthorized drug error an error occuring when a drug givent to or taken by a patient was not ordered by an autherized prescriber
wrong administration technique error an error occuring when a medication is given or taken by the wrong route or the use of an improper proceder
wrong dosage form error use of an incorrect medication dosage form
wrong time error administration of a medication dose outside of an established scheduled time

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