Chapter 18 test

Question Answer
What is Aurora An aurora is formed when charged particles from the sun hit oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the air.
What are the two Auroras? Northern lights, bad southern lights.
What does a step down transformer? A step-down transformer decreases voltage and increases current.
What is a ferromagnet? A temporary magnet that becomes a magnet by rubbing a nail on a magnet.
What is an electromagnet? the interaction between electricity and magnetism.
What is a permanent magnet? Permanent magnets are difficult to magnetize. But they tend to keep their magnetic properties longer than temporary magnets do.
Where do you find the strongest magnetic effects on a magnet? On both the poles.
What is the geographic north pole.
What is the geographic south pole. Where the magnetic force is strongest in the south.
What is the magnetic north pole of a magnet Where the magnetic force strongest in the north.
What is the magnetic south pole of a magnet

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