chapter 2 lesson 1

Question Answer
1. matter with no definite volume and no definite shape gas
2. matter with a definite volume but no definite shape liquid
3. matter with a definite volume and a definite shape solid
4. the uneven forces acting on the particles on a liquids surface surface tension
5. the gas state of a substance that is a solid or liquid at room temperature vapor
6. a measurement off a liquids resistance to flow viscosity
7. anything that takes up space and has mass matter
8. high energy matter consisting of positively and negatively charged particles plasma
9. the amount of matter in an object mass
10. the amount of space that a sample of matter occupies volume
11. mass per unit volume density
12. ways in which atoms ions or molecules move particle motion
13. movement in all directions and at different speeds random motion
14. the way freely moving particles move straight lines
15. the positively charged parts of atoms protons
16. the negatively charged parts of atoms electrons
17. oppositely charged particles attract each other particle forces
18. the particle speed is slowest and the attractive forces between particles is strongest solid
19. the particle speed is slower than in a gas and faster than in a solid liquid
20. the particle speed is the fastest and the attractive forces between particles is the weakest gas
21. speed of particle movement:
22. speed of particle movement:
23. speed of particle movement:
24. strength of forces between particles:
25. strength of forces between particles:
26. strength of forces between particles:
27. distance between particles:
close together
28. distance between particles:
29. distance between particles:
far apart
30. the particles move randomly in all directions and at different speeds gas
31. the particles in the matter are close together and vibrate back and forth solid
32. the distance between the particles is so great there is little or no attraction between them gas
33. the particles move in straight lines until they collide with something solid, liquid, and gas
34. the particles are farther apart than in a solid and can move freely and slide past each other liquid
35. the speed and direction of the particles are changed by collisions solid, liquid, and gas
36. true or false:
opposite charges "repel" each other and create attractive forces between two particles
false; attract
37. true or false:
as particles increase speed, attractive forces get "stronger".
false; weaker
38. true or false:
as particle force weakens, particle space "increases".
39. true or false:
the attractive forces in a solid are "strong".
40. true or false:
strong forces between particles slow particle movement in a liquid with high "surface tension".
false; viscosity
41. true or false:
"cohesion" is the attractive force between similar molecules
42. true or false:
"gas" has the weakest attractive forces between particles

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