Chapter 26

normal gradual changes that occur in the types of species that live in an area
Pioneer Species
the first to inhabit an area; they survive drought, heat, and cold weather
Pioneer Species
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Chapter 26
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Climax Community
a community of plants that is relatively stable and undisturbed and has reached a stage of succession
Climax Community
primary is when there is absolutely no life before things grow but secondary is when there was already life in a place
Compare primary and secondary succession
they need to adapt to where they are so they can grow easily
Describe adaptations of pioneer species
if there is dirt there then it would be secondary succession
Infer the kind of succession that will take place on an abandoned, unpaved country road
there could be germs on the ground so they start growing and become a climax community
Show the sequence of events in primary succession. include the term climax community.
large geographic areas that have similar climates and ecosystems
a cold, dry, treeless region, sometimes called a cold desert
a cold forest region dominated by cone-bearing evergreen trees
climax communities of deciduous trees, which loose their leaves every autumn
Temperature Deciduous Forest
temperature: 9C to 12C, Precipitation: 200 cm to 400 cm, trees with needle like leaves are mostly in the forest.
Temperate Rain Forest
where warm temperatures, wet weather, and lush plant growth are found
Tropical Rain Forest
the driest biome on earth, less than 25cm. of rain per year
temperate and tropical regions that receive between 25 cm and 75 cm
Desert and Tundra
Determine which two biomes are the driest.
desert organisms need to be able to withstand the heat but tundra aorganisms need to be able to withstand the cold
Compare and contrast tundra organisms and desert organisms
temperate rain forests can be colder than tropical rain forests
identify the biggest climatic difference between a temperate rain forest and a tropical rain forest
there is little nutrients in them because years of rain washed it out
Explain why the soil of tropical rain forests make poor farm land

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