Chapter 28 Radiology-Coding 4

What is the branch of medicine that uses radiant energy to diagnose and treat patients
Diagnostic Ultrasound, Radiation Oncology
The CPT manual divides the Radiology section into subsections of Radiologic Guidance, Breast Mammography, Bone/joint studies, Diagnostice Radiology
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Chapter 28 Radiology-Coding 4
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What type of procedure is performed independently of, and is not immediately related to, other service
One Gray equals how many rads
The modifier used to indicate the professional component is
Surpervison and interpretation
The two words that mean supervising the taking of the xrays and reading/reporting the results of the film are
Diagnostic Ultrasound
The name of the use of high frequency sound waves in an imaging process that is used to diagnose patient illness is
The radiation oncology section of the CPT manual is divided into subsections based on the ________ of service provided to the patient
The scientific study of energy is
The scientific calculation of the radiation emitted from various radioactive sources is
Radiation tx delivery codes are based on the tx area involved and further divided based on levels of what
Megaelectron Volts
MeV stands
Radiation tx management is reported in units of _________ fractions
Nuclear Medicine uses these to image organs for dx and tx
Is the standard measure of energy used in radiation Tx
radiostopes that attach themselves to red blood cells
High frequency sound waves in an imaging process used to dx pts
normal follow up care during tx, 3 months global period following completion
Radiation Oncology includes

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