Chapter 3 review questions - Physics

For two vectors to have their sum equal zero, they must be equal.
If two vectors have unequal magnitude can there some be zero?
Speed- #of units
Velocity- includes direction
What is the relationship between instantaneous speed and instantaneous velocity
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Chapter 3 review questions – Physics
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30 m/s east
What is another way of saying -30 m/s west
Is it possible to add a vector quantity to a scaler quantity
When they’re in the same direction
if B is added to A, under what conditions does the resultant have the magnitude equal to A+B?
Yes because you’re back where you started
If a set of vectors laid head to tail forms a close polygon, the resultant is zero. Is this statement true?
Yes example is a cat climbing up a tree
Can you vector have a component equal to zero and still have a nonzero magnitude?
Can a vector have a component greater than its magnitude
in vector resolution you were breaking the hypotenuse into components
Explain the difference between vector addition and vector resolution
Perpendicular to each other
If the component of one vector along the direction of another is zero what can you conclude about these two vectors?
Law of cosines
How would you add to vectors that are not perpendicular or parallel
Equal and opposite
If A+ B=0 p, what can you say about the components of the two vectors?
45, 45,99 triangle
Under what circumstances would a vector have components that are equal in magnitude
Displacement is zero
– forms triangle
-could all be on same line
The vector sum of three vectors gives a resultant equal to zero what can you say about the vectors
It will head right next to mass because the rock is moving too.
If a rock is dropped from the top of the sailboats mass will it hit the deck at the same point where the boat is at rest or in motion a constant velocity

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