Chapter 3 Scheduling and Appointments

Question Answer
appointment cards a written reminder for clients that includes a date and time to remember the appointment scheduled for their pet
computerized appointment book software item used to schedule appointments and maintain medical information on the veterinary computer system, allows future use of information in an organized manner
drop off appointment a set time for the client to bring in an animal and leave the patient for exams, surguries, and other procedures according to the vet's schedule
drop off time set time when an animal is expected at the vet facility for a later exam or surgery
emergency services an appointment that must be seen immediately and is a life of death situation
fixed office house appointments see throughout the day when clients arrive and the patients are seen in the order they enter the facility during set times
flow schedule appointments scheduled based on each patient being seen at a specific time by the vet during the day
house calls appointment scheduled for the vet to examine a patient in the owners home
intervals a set amount of time that is required to see a patient
mobile services a vehicle equipmmed with veterinary equipment, tools, and supplies that travels to a client's home to examine a patient
policy manual information provided to all staff members as to what the staff expectations are such as the dress code, policies on vacation time, personal time, and sick leave
procedures manual information provided to all staff members on the workings of the vet facility itself, such as client rules, scheduling methods, payment procedures, and client visitation times
routine appointment appointment scheduled in the appointment book as physical exams
surgical appointment appointment scheduled during set time for surgery
walk in appointment a client that does not have an appointment and arrives at the hospital wishing to see the vet by walking in the door
wave schedule appointment maintained by a vet seeing a total number of patients within a set amount of time during the day and is based on each hour the facility is open

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