Chapter 32: The Renal System Vocabulary

Question Answer
acute short term occurring condition
antifreeze toxicity poisoning that affects the renal system and shuts down the system causing renal failure, also known as ethylene glycol toxicity
anuria no urine production
Ataxia term used to note an animal that has the loss of control over its body, causing wobbliness and inability to control movement
Bowman's capsule tubes located at the renal pelvis that filter blood into the kidneys from excessive amounts of dietary compounds
catheter thin plastic or rubber tube that is passed into the urinary bladder or bloodstream
central nervous system (CNS) part of the body under involuntary brain control, such as the brain and spinal cord
chronic long term condition
cortex outer section of the kidney structure
creatinine chemical hormone filtered by the kidneys and indicates the kidney function level within the blood
crystals solid formations within a urine sample that form from increased components within the urinary tract or renal system
cystitis term for bladder infection or urinary tract infections
cystotomy surgical incision into the urinary bladder to remove urinary bladder stones
dysuria difficult or painful urination
ethylene glycol toxicity poisoning by antifreeze that causes renal failure
feline uroloic syndrome (FUS) condition that commonly affects male neutered obese cats in which they become blocked and are unable to urinate
glomerulus capillaries located in a bundle at the renal pelvis
hematuria blood in the urine
incontinence uncontrolled bladder leakage
kidney two organs located in the dorsal abdomen located on either side of the spine that produce urine and are reddish brown in color and are bean shaped and smooth
medulla center section of a kidney
nephron unit of measurement of the kidneys that produces the urine
oliguria decreased amounts of urine production
osmosis water absorption by the body through membranes
os penis bone within the urethra of male dogs
penis male sex organ and organ that allows urine to be excreted externally
perineal urethrostomy (PU) surgical creation of a new opening at the urethra and penis to eliminate the occurance of urinary blockages
prepuce the skin covering the male anatomy of the penis where urine is excreted
renal artery located in the center of the kidney and allows blood flow out of the renal system
renal pelvis inner most section of the kidney that filters blood and urine through the veins and arteries
renal system body system that involves the kidneys and urine production to rid the body of waste products within the bloodstream
renal vein located in the center of the kidney and allows blood flow into the renal system
sediment sand like buildup in the urine composed of crystals and casts
ureter tube made of smooth muscle that pushes and filters urine out of the kidneys through contractions
urolith term for a bladder stone that forms within the urinary bladder
vulva external female anatomy where urine is excreted

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