Chapter 4 Computer and Keyboarding Skills

Question Answer
central processing unit the brain of the computer that carries out instructions asked by the software
copier machine equipment that makes exact copies of paper or other documents
cursor blinking line on the computer screen that determines where typing is occuring
fax machine equipment used to copy and send documents via a telephone line
hardware the physical parts of the computer and its equipment
keyboard buttons that have letters and allow typing and word formation on the computer
keyboarding act of typing and development of skills used in computer functions and keys
modem box like equipment that allows access to the internet
monitor the computer screen that looks similar to a TV screen
mouse movable instrument attached to a computer that allows the cursor to move
printer allows printing forms and invoices from the computer onto paper
scanner equipment that allows documents and images to be copied and stored electronically
software a program or set of instructions the computer follows
spreadsheet program used to track large quantities of items in one file
toner black or colored ink that allows printing in a printer, fax machine, or copier
words per minute the number of workd that can by typed within one minute
word processing program software that allows typing of a document

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