Chapter 41 Veterinary Safety

Question Answer
bacteria living organism that invades the body causing illness
biological hazard safety concerns that pose a risk to humans and animals through contamination of living organisms through body tissues and fluids such as needles or surgery blades
chemical hazards safety concerns of products that may cause injury such as burns or vapors that cause injuries to the eyes, lungs, or skin
chemotherapy treatment using chemical agents that help with cases of cancer
controlled substances drugs that have the potential for abuse and addiction and must be kept in a locked cabinet by law
controlled substance log area where medicines that are scheduled drugs are kept when dispensed and must be maintained accurately and kept on file for 2 years
direct contact transmission of a disease through a direct source, such as saliva or the ground
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agency that regulates controlled substances and requires vets to obtain a license to dispense scheduled drugs
medical waste storage and trash for items such as surgical drapes or bandage material contaminated by body fluids and living tissues that may be infected with contagious disease
MSDS safety sheets material safety data sheets, information published by manufactures of various products that have the potential to harm humans within the facility
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration, agency that provides for a safe and healthy work environment and conditions for all employees
parasites living organism that may occur on the internal or external area of the body and feed off the animal, causing disease
personal protective equipment (PPE) equipment used for safety purposes and protection
physical hazards safety concerns that may cause physical injuries such as bites, kicks, scratches, or back injuries caused by lifting heavy objects
protozoans one celled simple organisms or parasites
rickettsial more complex multicellular organisms that are tick or flea borne
right to know station area in the facility where the OSHA and MSDS binders are kept with safety and product information
scheduled drugs medicines with the potential for abuse and categorized from I to V according to strength, I is the highest potential and V the lowest potential for abuse
sharps sharp instruments and equipment that can injur a human or animal and cause a wound or cut that transmits a contagious disease due to contamination
sharps container area that holds sharp items such as needles, surgical blades, and glass, that may spread disease
virus causes a disease that is not treatable and must run its course
zoonotic hazards safety concerns that allow contagious organisms to be spread to humans causing infections, virus, bacterial, fungal and parasitic transmission

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