Chapter 45 Hospital Procedures Vocab

Question Answer
anogenital distance distance between the area of the vulva or penis and the rectum by which gender can be determined
aspiration swallowing food that enters the lung field
bandage covering applied to a wound, fracture, or area of injury to prevent movement
bandage scissors scissors with an angled blunt end used to carefully remove a bandage from an animal
crash cart movable table that holds emerency equipment and supplies that is easily accessible during a serious patient condition
diluent liquid mixture of a vaccine
emergency situation that requires immediate life saving measures
force feeding placing food within a patients mouth and forcing it to swallow
hospital treatment board area in the facility where hospitalized patients are listed along with the skills that are to be completed on them
nasogastric tube tube passed through nostrils into the stomach to force feed a patient
neck band paper or plastic strip placed around the animal's neck that identifies the animal
observation watching and noting an animal's behavior while hospitalized
primary bandage layer first bandage layer that acts as padding
secondary bandage layer holds the first layer in place
stirrups pieces of tape at the end of a bandage on a limb that holds the bandage in place and prevents slipping
tertiary bandage layer third bandage layer that acts as a protective covering

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