Chapter 5 Veterinary Office Management Vocabulary

Question Answer
account history clients previous invoices that can be viewed at any time to see past payments and charges
American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) sets the standards of small animal and companion animal hospitals
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredits college programs for vet and vet tech state licensure and sets the standard for the veterinary medical industry
associate degree a two year degree program
automated inventory system system of counting all supplies and products within a facility by hand and keeping a list of how many are in stock
Bachelor of Science (BS) a four year college degree program
certified veterinary technician (CVT) a vet tech that has passed a state licensing exam
computer inventory system method of monitoring supplies and products within a facility and knowing when items need to be reordered
consumable products supplies used on a daily basis that are not considered in the client invoice such as paper towels, gauze sponges, and cotton balls
credit application paperwork completed by clients to allow them to obtain a line of credit to pay for vet services
estimate the approximate cost of services
exam room area where patients receive routine exams
exemptions fees determined when an employee claims a set of yearly wages from their income taxes
form W4 employee withholding allowance certificate, form filled out according to the employee wage bracket and marital status for tax purposes
gross pay total amount of wages earned by an employee before tax deductions
intensive care unit (ICU) area of the facility where critical patients needing immediate and constant care are located and housed
inventory physical count of every medicine and supply item withi na facility to record accurate results
inventory management knowing the price manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, amount and expiration date of each item in a facility
invoice bill given to a client that tells the costs of services and procedures
isolation ward area that contains cages and equipment to care for patients that are contagious and may spread disease
kennel attendant person working in the kennel area and animal wards, providing food, exercise, and clean bedding
laboratory location in the facility where tests and samples are prepared or completed for analysis
licensed veteriany technician (LVT) a vet teach that as passed a state licensing exam
National Association of Veterinary TEchnicians in American (NAVTA) sets the standards for vet tech and the care of animals
net pay amount of money received after tax deductions
packing slip paper enclosed in a package that details the items in a shipment
payroll deductions money withheld from a paycheck for tax purposes or payment of medical insurance
personnel manual books that describes the staff job description, attendance policy, dress code, and employer expectations
pharmacy area where medications are kept and prepared
procedures manual book that describes the rules and regulations of the facility, such as visiting hours and opening and closing procedures
radiology area of the facility where xrays are taken and developed, this area is regulated due to chemical and radiation exposure
reception area area where clients arrive and check in with the receptionist
receptionist personnel greeting and communicated with patients as they come in and leave
registered Veterianry technician (RVT) a vet tech that has passed a state licensing exam
salary amount an employee earns each year based on hourly wages
specialized payment plan a plan approved by the vet that allows a down payment with additional regular payments until the balance is paid
state board examination exam that vets and vet techs are required to pass for state licensure in order to practice
surgical suite area where surgery is performed and harmful anesthesia gases are used, the area must be kept sterile to prevent contamination
travel sheet paperwork list that codes services and procedures that allows the staff to track fees to charge the client
treatment area area where animals are treated or prepared for surgery
veterinarian the doctor that holds the state licensure to practice vet medicine and holds the ultimate responsibility within a facility
veterianry assistant staff member trained to assist the vet and techs in various duties
veterinary hospital manager staff member in charge of the business workins of the entire hospital, including staff scheduling, paying bills, and payroll
Veterinary Practice Act set of rules and regulations that govern vet medicine and the state
veterinary technician two year associate degree in specialized training to assist vets
veterinary technologist four year bachelor degree in specialized training to assts vets
waiting room area where clients and patients wait for their appointments
want list items that are needed or low in stock within the facility and need to be reordered

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