Chapter 5 Vocabulary Weather and Its Impacts

Term Definition
air pressure the pressure that a column of air exerts on the air or surface below
troposphere -the atmospheric layer closest to the Earth, extending from the Earth’s surface to about 10km above it.
convection circulation of rising, less dense, warm air and sinking, more dense, cool air
evaporation the process of liquid, such as water, changing into gas, such as water vapor
condensation the process of water-vapor changing into liquid water
humidity the amount of water vapor in the air
precipitation liquid or solid water that falls from the clouds to the Earth’s surface
air mass large area of air that has uniform temperature, humidity, and pressure
pressure system -a moving air mass with a particular pressure
fronts boundaries where two air masses meet
cumulonimbus clouds the type of cloud that can form thunderstorms
thunderstorms a weather event that includes rain, strong winds, thunder and lighting
lighting the electricity discharged within a cloud, between clouds, or between a cloud and the ground
tornado a violent, whirling column of air in contact with the ground, is sometimes called a twiste
hurricane an intense tropical storm with winds exceeding 119 km/h
storm surge when a hurricane approaches land, its winds can push ocean water higher along the coast
drought a period of below average precipitation in an area that can last for several months
ecoregion a large area of land that has a distinct group of plants, animals and other species
climate long-term weather conditions in an area


precipitation that soaks into the cracks and pores beneath the Earth’s surface

surface water water that fills lakes and rivers
watershed an area of land where all of the runoff drains to the same body of water
erosion process of moving weathered material from one location to another
deposition the process where water slows down, and the eroded material is laid down and settles
weathering as water, wind and ice move across the Earth, they break down rock and is dependent on temperature and humidity in an area

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