Chapter 50 Pharmacy Procedures

Question Answer
aural pertaining to the ears
balling gun a metal device with a long handle that has a plunger at the base used to hold medicine to administer to large animals
controlled substance prescription drugs that have the potential for abuse or addiction, also called scheduled drugs
controlled substance license paper given by the DEA to allow a veterinarian to prescribe scheduled drugs
controlled substance log written entry is required for every substance used or dispensed by the facility
dram the measurement size of vials or bottles
Drug Enforcement Agency government agency that sets regulations and guidelines for ordering, storing, and dispensing controlled drugs
ear mites microscopic parasites that live within the ear canal
efficacy the strength of a drug
hematoma the rupture of blood vessel causing a fluid filled pocket of blood
over the counter drugs medications that do not require a prescription
pet piller small device, usually made of plastic, that has a long thin handle with a plunger on the end to administer medications to small animals
pharmacy the area where medications are stored and prepared for veterinary patients
pill counting tray tool used to count out tablets or capsules to send home with a patient
pinna the ear flap
prescription rx, type of medication, amount of medication and directions for use of the medication prepared by the vet
prescription drug medication prescribed by the vet
prescription label label to indicate to the owner how to properly give the medication and idenify the medication
scheduled drug presciption drugs that have the potential for abuse and addiction
topical a drug applied to the skin
tragus opening of the ear canal structure, includes the haired area

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