chapter 6 science

helium, xenon, neon
which of the following groups contain three elements with stable electron configurations
a stable electron configuration
typically, atoms gain or lose electrons to achieve
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chapter 6 science
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the nucleus and all non-valence electrons
in an electron dot diagram, the symbol for an element is used to represent
increases from left to right across a period
ionization energies tend to
transfer of electrons
the formation of an ionic bond involves the
there are two chloride ions for each magnesium ion
in the compound of MgCl, the subscript 2 indicates that
liquid sodium chloride is a good conductor of electric current
which statement best describes the properties of sodium chloride
which of the following compounds do not contain molecules
you see a structural formula in which the symbols for element are connected by a long dash. you can assume that the chemical bonds in the compound are
which o the following formulas represents a compound who’s molecules contain a triple bond
electrons are not shared equally between atoms
in a polar covalent bond
its molecule has a bent shape
the water molecule h2o is polar because it contains 2 polar singles bonds and
the strong attractions between polar molecules
water has a higher boiling point than expected because
because water molecules are polar are carbon dioxide molecules are non polar
transition metals
the elements most likely to form more than one type of ion
lithium fluoride
fluorine, F, forms a binary ionic compound with lithium, Li. what is the name of this compound
iron ions with a two plus charge
the name iron (II) indicates that a compound contains
group number
alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, and aluminum all form ions with positive charges equal to the
beryllium, Be, and chlorine, Cl, form a binary ionic compound with a one to two ratio do beryllium ions to chloride ions. the formula for the compound is
2 oxygen atoms
the name carbon dioxide the prefix of the second word indicates that a molecule of carbon dioxide contains
the attrition between a metal cation in a shared pool of electrons
which phrase best describe the metallic bond
there is an attraction between positively charged and negatively charged particles
metallic bonding is similar to Ionic bonding because
cations are still surrounded by electrons when they shift there position in the lattice
many metals can be drawn into thin wires without braking because
electrons and metal lattice are free to move
which statement about metals is true
stainless steel
an alloy that contains mainly iron and carbon is
carbon make the lattice harder and stronger
how does increasing the amount of carbon in steel affect its properties

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