Chapter 6 vocab./terms

Term Definition
core Earth's innermost structure
crust the thin, rocky, outer layer of Earth that makes up the continents and ocean floor
fossil the remains or traces of a plant or animal that lived long ago


the shell formed from Earth's solid upper mantle and crust

mantle the thick layer of Earth's sturcture just below Earth's crust
plate tectonics the theory that giant plates of crust are moving slowly across Earth's surface
earthquake the violent shaking of Earth's crust as built-up energy is released
epicenter the point on Earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake
fault a crack in Earth's surface along which movement takes palce
focus the inside Earth where an earthquake begins
magma melted rock below Earth's surface; called lava at the surface
seismic waves waves of energy sent through Earth's crust when parts of the crust move suddenly
dome mountain mountains that form when magma pushes up on Earth's crust but does not break through
fault-block mountains mountains that form along fault lines where blocks of rock fall, are thrust up, or slide
fold mountains mountains that form where two plates collide and force layers of rock into folds

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