Chapter 7 Veterinary Ethics and Legal Issues

Question Answer
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) agency that governs the accommodations of people with phyiscal and mental problems to allow them to work more efficiently
animal abuse laws rules that govern the neglect and abuse of animals, typically regulated by a humane society or dog warden
animal rights rules that govern how animals are handled and cared for, esepcially in research facilities
Animal Welfare Act rules that govern how animals are handled and cared for, takes a large interest in monitoring research facilities
child labor laws laws and guidelines that regulate children working and the conditions in which they work
common laws regulations and rules based on legal violations
confidential information that is private and not to be shared by anyone outside of the facility without permission
continuing education (CE) seminars and classes for employees that train and educate vet health care members on topcis in the profession
controlled substance drugs that have a potential for addiction and abuse
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agency that is responsible for enforcing and monitoring drugs that may be addictive and issuing DEA licenses to vets
ethical the act of doing what is right
ethics rules and regulations that govern proper conduct
Fair Labor Standards ACt agency that governs the age of children working and the duties they can perform
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency that sets manufacturing standard of food addivitce and medications used in animals, especially for human consumption
liability a legal responsibility
malpractice the act of working below the standards are practice
misrepresentation working or acting as someone that you are not qualified to be
moral what a person believes is right or wrong
negligence failure to do what is necessary or proper
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) agency that governs laws for safety in the workplace
slander talking negatively about someone in an improper manner
STate Board of Veterinary Medicine each states agency of veterinary members and public members that take disciplinary action in the profession as deemed necessary and monitor the rights of the public
statutory laws rules and regulations based on writen government law
unethical the act of doing something wrong or improper and knowingly doing it
Veterinary Practice Act legal document that outlines rules and regulation of vet professionals

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