Chapter 8.1 End of Chapter Assessment, Understand Key Concepts

B. Plants, D. Mushrooms.
1. Which of the following are autotrophs?
2. The principal chemical compound that living things use to store energy is
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Chapter 8.1 End of Chapter Assessment, Understand Key Concepts
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B. Less.
3. The amount of energy stored in a molecule of ATP compared to the amount stored in a molecule of glucose is
C. Light and heat.
4. When a candle burns, energy is released in the form of
Heterotrophs obtain their energy through the consumption of other organisms; autotrophs obtain their energy through sunlight, not consuming other organisms.
5. How do heterotrophs and autotrophs differ in the way they obtain energy?
Adenine, a purine base; ribose, a pentode sugar; and a phosphate.
6. Describe the three parts of an ATP molecule.
Glucose can store 90x what ATP can, so glucose is the immediate source of energy.
7. Compare the amounts of energy stored by ATP and glucose. Which compound is used by the cell as an immediate source of energy?

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