Chapter 8- 1 Review Questions

they use light energy from the sun
Where do plants get the energy they need to produce food?
a chemical compound used by cells to store and release energy. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
What is ATP?
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Chapter 8- 1 Review Questions
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it is used by cells to store and release energy
What is the role of ATP in cellular activities?
two phosphate groups, must add a phosphate group to become ATP – fully charged.
ADP (adenosine diphosphate) has
by breaking the chemical bond between the second and third phosphate
How is the energy that is stored in ATP released?
To carry out active transport
Name one way cells us the energy provided by ATP.
What is the ultimate source of energy for plants?
they use light energy from the sun to produce food.
How do autotrophs obtain energy?
they obtain energy from the foods they consume.
How do heterotrophs obtain energy?
a fully charged battery… full of energy.
a partially charged battery… only half full of energy.
organisms (plants) that make their own food
Autotrophs are
organisms (animals) that obtain energy from the food the eat
heterotrophs are
ATP (Adenosine triphosphate)
Principal chemical compound that living things use to store energy
ATP has three phosphate groups, ADP has two
How is ATP different from ADP?
Adenine, Ribose, 3 Phosphate groups
Three parts of ATP (be able to label)
It can add a phosphate group to ADP molecules, producing ATP
When a cell has energy available, how can it store small amounts of that energy?
Where do cells get the energy to regenerate ATP?

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