Chapter 8, CC 1, A Beka Book

Term Definition
Weather The state of the atmosphere at a certain time and place
Climate The year-round weather typical of a certain place
Meteorology the study of weather and of the atmospheric conditions that produce weater
Meteorologists Forecast weather conditions
What three major factors work together to cause the earth's variable weather? Heat energy, uneven distribution of heat energy, and water vapor in the atmosphere
Precipitation The water that falls to the earth, including rain, sleet, hail, and snow
Melting The process of going from a solid to a liquid
Freezing In which molecules of a liquid lose enough energy to become "locked" in fixed positions
Evaporation The process of liquid becoming gas
Condensation If molecules in water vapor lose enough energy they will return to a liquid state in this process
Saturated Air in which the water in the air is evaporating at the same rate that it is condensing
Humidity The amount of water vapor in air
Relative humidity The ratio of the actual humidity to the humidity of saturated air under the same conditions
Dew point the temperature in which air becomes saturated
Water vapor, under ordinary conditions, will not turn into liquid water without what? A surface to condense upon
Dew The water vapor in the air that touches the cooler ground condenses into these drops of water
Frozen Dew Occurs when temperatures drop below freezing after dew has formed, making the the dew freeze
Condensation nuclei Microscopic particles, such as dust, soot, smoke, and sea salt, that are floating in the atmosphere
What do condensation nuclei serve as? as the center that water vapor condenses onto
Frost point Occurs when the dew point of water is below the freezing point of water
Deposition The process of the air's water vapor skipping the liquid stage by changing directly into a crystal of ice on a surface
What some scientists call deposition Sublimation
Water vapor is super cooled when what? its temperature is below the freezing point
Ice deposits Frost
Water vapor in air that drops below the frost point will remain super cooled until it can crystallize onto microscopic particles known as ___ ___. Freezing nuclei (or ice nuclei)

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