Chapter 8 CC 2 A Beka Book

Term Definition
Cloud If droplet or ice crystals are present in large enough numbers that they are visible as a whole, they are called this
Most clouds result from ___ ___ of ___ ___. adiabatic cooling, moist air
Meteorologists classify clouds into ten basic categories bases on ___ and ___. shape, height
Name the three high-level clouds. Cirrus, circumulus, and cirrostratus
Name the three mid-level clouds. Altocumulus, altostratus, and nimbostratus
Name the four low-level clouds. Cumulonimbus, stratocumulus, cumulus, and stratus
Low-altitude clouds Typically made of liquid water droplets or even super-cooled droplets, with the exception of thunderstorms and winter snowstorms
Cumulus ["a heap"] White, billowy clouds that resemble cotton puffs with flat bases
Cummulonimbus (or thunderstorm cloud) A grow up cumulus cloud that produces rains, winds, lightning, etc.
Stratus Clouds "to extend" "to stretch" These clouds often form a flat, gray layer of heavy clouds not far above the ground
Stratocumulus "extended heaps" The most frequent clouds, form a low, heavy layer of puffy gray clouds
Low altitude clouds extend from the ground to ___ ft. 6500
Mid-range clouds have bases between 6500 ft. and ___ ft. 23,000
High-level clouds have their bases at the___ ___ ___ ___. top of the troposphere
Nimbostratus [extended cloud] Look like stratus cloud but are much thicker blocking out any view of the sun or moon (sometimes classified as low level clouds)
Altocumulus "high heap" Look like cumulus or stratocumulus clouds but appear smaller from the ground and have their bases at higher altitudes
Altostratus "high and extended" Flat, sheetlike clouds that look similar to stratus clouds except they are a lighter color
Cirrus ["curl of hair"] Most common type of high-level cloud made of ice crystals
"mares' tails" What sailor's used to call cirrus clouds
Cirrocumulus "heaps of curls" Least common type of high-level cloud that looks like tiny puffs of cotton in the upper troposphere
Cirrostratus "extended curls" Thin, translucent clouds that spread like a sheet, similar to altostratus clouds
Lenticular "lens shaped" Can be cirocumulus, altocumulus, or cumulus clouds often form above or around mountains
Contrails (short for condensation trails) or vapor clouds Form when water vapor from an airplane's jet exhaust quickly condenses and freezes into crystals
Fog Occurs when water vapor condenses in the layer of air near the ground (basically a stratus cloud on the surface of the earth)
Technically, a ground-level cloud is only fog if the visibility is less than ___ ___, otherwise it is ___. one kilometer, mist
Radiation fog Formed when the ground quickly radiates heat back into space and a thick layer of air near the ground cools below the dew point
____ ___ is radiation fog that extends no more than 6 ft. above the ground. shallow fog
___ ___ is a radiation fog found in valleys. valley fog
Advection fog Forms when a warm, humid breeze blow over a cold surface
When an advection fog forms over cold ocean water it is a(n) ___ ___. sea fog
Upslope fog Often found along the slopes of mountains and can cover a large area for several days
Often, fog forms over lakes or rivers during the fall, when the water is still warm but the surrounding air is cool; this is ___ ___. steam fog
Sometimes warm rain falling into cool air evaporates to produce ___ ___. frontal fog
Freezing fog If fog develops in air that is below freezing, the water droplets will become supercooled, resulting in this type of fog
Smog A mixture of smoke and fog
Photochemical smog A smog that is a thick, brownish haze that results from complex molecules released into the air by things like cars

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