Chapter 8 Review Questions

Which of the following are autotrophs?
One of the principal chemical compounds that living things use to store energy is
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Chapter 8 Review Questions
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Van Hemlont
Which scientist concluded that most of a growing plant’s mass comes from water?
Water and Carbon Dioxide
In addition to light and chlorophyll, photosynthesis requires
Reflects Green Light
The leaves of a plant appear green because chlorophyll
Sugars and Oxygen
The products of photosynthesis are
Light Absorbtion
The first process in the light-dependant reactions of photosynthesis is
Which substance from the light-dependant reactions of photosynthesis is a source of energy for the Calvin cycle?
Calvin Cycle
The light-independent reactions of photosynthesis are also known as the
Autotrophs obtain energy through producing their own energy by using chemicals in their environment or by photosynthesis, while heterotrophs obtain energy by consuming and converting that energy.
How do heterotrophs and autotrophs differ in the way they obtain energy?
Adenine, 5-carbon sugar called ribose, and three phosphate groups.
Describe the three parts of an ATP molecule.
The “battery” starts out fully charged which is ATP, then the bonds between the second and third phosphate breaks releasing the energy stored in ATP which then becomes ADP. Like the battery it releases energy as needed and then becomes slightly drained.
Use the analogy of a battery to explain how energy is stored in and released from ATP.
ATP stores energy for immediate usage and used in most situations, while glucose is more of a secondary source of energy for the cell.
Compare the amounts of energy stored by ATP and glucose. Which compound is used by the cell as an immediate source of energy?
Priestly’s experiment showed how the Sprig leaf produced oxygen for the light candle in a closed jar. While Ingenhousz’s experiment showed that Priestly’s experiment was only conducted with light, and proved light was neccesary.
How were Priestly’s and Ingenhousz’s discoveries about photosynthesis related?
Carbon dioxide + Water -l-i-g-h-t- Sugars + Oxygen
Write the basic equation for photosynthesis using the names of the starting and final substances of the process.
The more chlorophyll plants reflect the more rays of sunlight it absorbs.
What role do plant pigments play in the process of photosynthesis?
NADP+ takes the high-energy electron pair and one hydrogen ion and becomes NADPH,
which takes the electrons and a hydrogen to the ATP synthase.
Explain the role of NADP+ as an energy carrier in photosynthesis
ATP synthase takes the energy from a hydrogen ion that was coiled around in the organelle to combine ADP and a phosphate, then it spits out the hydrogen ion.
What is the role of ATP synthase? How does it work?
During the Calvin cycle ATP and NADPH are used as energy sources for producing high-energy sugars.
Summarize what happens during the Calvin cycle.
The light-dependent reactions produce the ATP and NADPH needed for the cycle to take place.
How do the events in the Calvin cycle depend on the light-dependent reactions?
The amount of chlorophyll being reflected, the amount of sunlight rays being put out, and the temperature of the environment.
Describe three factors that affect the rate at which photosynthesis occurs.

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