Chapter by chapter analysis of "The Lord of the Flies" Essay

Chapter by chapter analysis of “The Lord of the Flies”. Detailed analysis of symbols, setting, society, theme and significant quotes. Set up as a jot note style journal. By Mack Lord of the Flies Journal By: Lucas T©treat Chapter One: The sound of the shell There is some symbolism shown in the chapter name that can’t be discovered until later. During the chapter you find that Ralph has discovered a conch shell and blows it to call everyone together. “The sound of the shell” represents the beginning of their collocation. Symbols: “All round him the long scar smashed into the Jungle was a bath of heat. He scar in reality was the mark left by the plane when it crashed, but could also symbolize the mark left by man wherever they go Ralph and Piggy find the conch shell at the time Piggy points out how valuable a conch shell is, Ralph ends up being the chief, perhaps it is because he has the conch, which would show that riches is all you need to get to the top in our society When they are voting on a chief, Jack Murdered believes he should be chief because he Is chapter chorister and head boy and can sing C sharp -> shows societies want for strong leaders

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Ralph tells everyone to call the fat boy Piggy <- shows how cruel we can be even when we're trying to help Setting: This chapter is on a, what they think to be, deserted island surrounded by what they know to be the Pacific ocean. It's a very tropical climate and the island is made up of what seems to be mostly Jungle. Society: establishing some sort of society. They call a meeting with the conch shell they found and decide that Ralph should be chief and Jack should be in charge of the hunters.

They set some priorities so they can survive and then set Piggy to count everyone and learn their names Theme: The message for this chapter seemed to be that people need a leader. Before the meeting was called, everyone was scattered all around and for all they knew, they were going to die real soon. Significant Quotations: When they reached the top of the mountain, Ralph turned to the others and said, “This belongs to us” Chapter Two: Fire on the mountain There is some very obvious foreshadowing in the chapter name that there is going to be a fire on the mountain.

The conch -> the conch becomes a very obvious symbol of power. It seems to be what their new civilization is based on. They decide it is going to be used as a speaking eight during meetings, and since it’s Ralph conch, this only reinforces his power Ralph announces that they shall be rescued, even without any real proof, the boys of the tribe seem to accept it shows how people will believe anything so long as it’s what they want to hear While they are piling up wood for the fire, the author decides to describe the trees.

He says that the trees found little soil for growth, fell early and decayed <- symbolism of what is going to happen to theses boys. They have no one to learn from, therefore they are going to cease to grow and simply decay back to what they were before the mpact of society on them. In the excitement they accidentally set fire to the Jungle -> shows man’s carelessness and utter disregard for nature They have another meeting and rush up to the top of the mountain. Once on the mountain, they light a fire.

There seems to be a party-like atmosphere. Jack seems as if he’s always trying to gain power in the “tribe” people crave power and hate to see it in other hands. . This shows how “Ralph was left, holding the conch, with no one but Piggy. ” <- perhaps it is foreshadowing that Ralph will be left with a memento of power and only his closest friend Chapter Three: Huts on the Beach The chapter name symbolizes their society coming together. It seems as if the name is trying to show that they have become something more than Just a gang of boys.

Jack is in the Jungle hunting and is very afraid. This shows how man is nothing compared to the amazing power of nature Ralph and Simon are the only ones working on the shelter this seems to show that people are willing to give up their security Just to have fun The chapter starts off with Jack alone in the Jungle hunting. The Jungle around him seems very powerful and gives him a feeling as if he is being watched. The chapter then moves back to the beach where Ralph and Simon are setting up shelters.

Everyone seems to be having a great time except for Ralph who feels they should all be working harder. The tension between Jack and Ralph is already very apparent in this chapter. Already people seem to be straying from their duties to this society. Most of the boys aren’t working anymore, they Just spend their time eating and bathing. The society seemed like it was going to work at first when everyone was helping out, but it is already falling apart because of the general “who cares” attitude among the boys. Accessibility on a whim and would rather have fun than live safely.

Questions: Why did Simon venture off into the forest alone? And why did he want to be alone so badly? Mrs.. Hillier said he is epileptic and doesn’t want the other boys to see him have a seizure. Chapter Four: Painted Faces and Long Hair Later in the chapter we find out that they title speaks of the hunters who painted their faces and seem quite savage with their long hair and all. But when I first read this title, it made me think of how long they must have been on the island that their hair is already getting long.

The introduction to this chapter is an explanation of the mirages the boys often experience at midday when the head is highest it seems to point out how creative and imaginative humans can be even in the darkest of times and how all that is quickly dismissed as soon as some rational thoughts come into their minds The tribe shows a distinct separation between the Litmus and the Begins, (the Yeager children and the older children) in a description of the two groups the author describes the litmus as ones who lead a simplistic yet intense lifestyle while the begins also involve themselves in emotions and corporations -> the message seems o be that without emotions and corporations we are little more than cave men, and yet with them, we try to be so much more than we can be. Some of the boys seem to be losing what has been conditioned into them since they were babies. So long without powerful fugues of authority to enforce all the moral and social obligations has let all those slip. A ship goes by and Jack and his hunters had let the fire go out.

They could have been rescued. The chapter ends with Ralph calling a meeting, he senses violence approaching. Their society was based on surviving until they could be rescued. Now the society seems to be crumbling fast. Jack and his hunters let the fire out to go hunting and In this chapter, the author portrays man as violent by nature. An entire scene is devoted to Roger stalking a Little and throwing rocks at him for the pure fun of it. With the moral obligations that society imposes on us, the boys are going savage. Chapter Five: Beast From Water The name of this chapter speaks of the Beastie the Litmus brought up in the second meeting the boys have.

The chapter starts with Ralph walking along the beach thinking ? then he has a realization that: his life is wearisome because half of his time is spent watching his et which basically symbolizes that he is tired of having to worry about his safety, he wishes that he had someone else that he could Just lean on without a worry for a while. They have a meeting very late at night and everything seems different the surroundings of the meeting place all seem different, even the people seem different The boys basically go bester on the beach and follow Jack to re-enact the hunting of the boar. In this chapter their society begins a rapid destruction. During the meeting rules are being broken and then the meeting is ended when all the boys run down to the each and start to re-enact the the hunt. Jack even contemplates giving up his chieftainship.

This chapter shows that people seem to prefer a fun chaos than a boring society. Piggy thinks only of what will happen to himself when Ralph thinks about quitting being chief. Which shows how selfish people can be. Extra notes: the leadership of the tribe since the beginning and now it seems like he is getting it. The civilization crumbles. Chapter Six: Beast From Air Later in the chapter you find out that a plane has blown up over the island and a man flies down on a parachute. This is who the chapter name speaks of. The beast who they incessantly worry about seems to have become somewhat of a religious head. They fear the beast yet know it’s awesome power without ever even seeing it for certain.

In the early parts of the chapter, there is a feeling of terror all around, however, later on, there is a playful air all round. With the threat of the beast on everyone’s mind, the society seems to be falling back into place. However, this is like putting a bandit on a broken leg, it’s not a full fix and it’s only temporary. I believe that this chapter highlights how people depend on others. Without the dervish of Ralph and Jack everyone else would be left in their shelters, that wouldn’t had been built, crying. Extra Notes: Jack and most of the other boys seem very interested in the possibilities of castle rock as a fort. Foreshadowing? Chapter Seven: Shadows and Tall Trees The name for this chapter illustrates the continuing fear felt all over the island.

At one point in the chapter Ralph says to himself, “Be sucking my thumb next. ” Ralph begins to realize how everything they had been taught was now leaving them. Base of the mountain, he then proceeds to challenge Ralph who end up going with Jack. A great tension is growing between Ralph and Jack, Ralph does not want to lose any of his authority to Jack. In this chapter, everyone gets into a big playwright, even Ralph. In the end they all seem very bloodthirsty and vicious. Perhaps this is meant to reflect the true nature of mankind. Simon tells Ralph that he’ll get back alright. Foreshadowing? Simon volunteers to be the one to go tell Piggy they’ll be back after dark.

Perhaps Simon was going to have a seizure, and found this as good a reason as any to leave and be alone while it happens. Chapter Eight: Gift for the Darkness The chapter name talks about the boar head on the stick the hunters leave a gift to the beastie. Jack and his hunters decide that they are going to go invite the other boys to their feast and in the mean time have others steal the fire perhaps a reflection of how deceiving government can be The Beast the beast they are fearing is really Just their own moralities and inhibitions. Simon has a conversation with the boar head and it says to him, “Fancy thinking the beast was something you could hunt and kill. There is a re-enforcement of the Beast as a religious head in this chapter when Jack ND his hunters kill a boar and leave the head on a stake as a gift to the Beast. Jack calls a meeting Jack comes right out and tries to get Ralph kicked out of his chieftainship, no one votes with him then yells, “I’m not going to be part of Rally’s lot. ” , then he runs off into the forest. None of the boys follow him right off the bat, but while they are Jack and his hunters kill a boar and leave the head to the Beast as a gift. Then he invites all the boys to come to a feast. Their civilization has finally fallen. However, Jack has started a new tribe of hunters who will seemingly flourish.

In this chapter the boys refuse to openly support Jack, then when they can slip away quietly, they support him in full. It kind of shows how people worry so much about what others think of them. Significant Quotes: “Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill. ” Chapter Nine: A view to a Death Eventually Ralph and Piggy go to the feast. They give up pride so that they can eat. All things bow down to basic needs. The new tribe has begun and with a viciousness never imagined. Simon has climbed up to the mountain and found that the beast was really Just a dead an stuck in the rocks on a parachute. Jack loves his new found power and uses and abuses it.

The old civilization has crumbled and now Jack’s tribe was started and was off to a powerful beginning. With time all inhibitions can be removed. That is shown in this chapter when the boys savagely beat down what they believe to be the beast. Even before that, they again the author portrays a violent human without the moralities that our society imposes on people. The author never outright says that Simon is dead, instead, he says, “Even in the rain they could see how small a beast it was. ” What was the meaning of the chapter name? I still can’t figure out what it means… Chapter Ten: The Shell and the Glasses In the last chapter, Jack seems to laugh about the importance of the conch shell. Yet at the same time, wishes he had it.

This chapter name could foreshadow that Jack and his hunters plan to steal the conch shell and piggy’s glasses. Ralph, Piggy and Sameness all pretend they weren’t there for the “dance”, they feel as if they can avoid the guilt if they don’t admit they were there. Jack and his gang have taken Castle Rock as their fort. Jack and his hunters plan to steal fire. They go to the other camp and grab Piggy’s glasses. Ralph and his boys are now useless. Even their goal of keeping a fire burning cannot be fulfilled. Jack’s tribe is quickly turning into savages with no inhibitions and no moral or social obligations. Jack ties up Wilfred and beats him for no apparent reason, this is a government with no responsible authority.

Once again this chapter’s theme is mainly about how humans have a violent nature. Chapter Eleven: Castle Rock Ralph calls an assembly shows how even when there is no hope in hell, men will When Piggy is killed, the conch is also crushed. I believe that the conch being crushed symbolizes the last remnants of civilization being crushed as well. At the beginning of the chapter there is an air of despair all around. However, when they get to Castle Rock, it soon turns into a violent and angry atmosphere. Roger drops a boulder onto Piggy who obviously dies and while all this happens the conch is crushed. Jack tribe is in full force and they are as vicious as ever.

They have lost all inhibitions and moral/social obligations Once again, I believe this chapter’s theme speaks of the underlying violent nature of human beings. Roger, with a sense of delirious abandonment, leaned all his weight on the lever” Chapter Twelve: Cry of the Hunters This chapter’s name obviously speaks of the war cry/chant the hunters yell will in a hunt. It could also Foreshadow that they will soon be going on a hunt. Ralph is now the only one left and he is being hunted furiously. Jack and his boys set fire to a thicket to smoke Ralph out and end up setting the entire forest on fire. Ralph, while running from the savages, stumbles onto the beach and finds a naval officer standing there. Jack’s tribe has reached a peak, they are willing to do anything he tells them to. Jack


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