chapter review and test prep

Term Definition
A(an) _____________________ is a mixture that looks the same everywhere, even under a microscope solution
A(an) __________________ turns blue litmus paper red. acid
In a(an)___________________ two chemicals react to form a new substance. chemical changes
The Sun's energy is transferred to Earth by ________________. radiation
An object that is moving has____________. ____________, kinetic energy
In _______________ energy is transferred without the movement of matter. conduction
A(an) ______________ has properties between a solution and heterogeneous mixture. colloid
Stored energy is called _______________. potential energy
Energy is usually transferred by ________________ in liquids and gases. convection
The strength of a base is called its ____________. alkalinity
All of the following are poor conductors of heat, wood, glass, copper, air, Which of these is a good conductor? ____________ copper
An example of a physical change is _____________ ice melting
Heat always flows from ______________________. from hotter materials to cooler materials.
__________________ may be used as an indicator litmus paper and a pH paper

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