Chapter Vocabulary for Geologic Time

Term Definition
eon longest unit of geologic time
epoch subdivision of a period
era subdivision of an eon
extinct dying out
geographic isolation separation of a population of organisms from the rest of its species due to a physical barrier
land bridge stretch of land that connects two continents that were previously separated by water
mass extinction dying out of many species on Earth within a short period of time
period subdivision of an era
scale series of marks or points at known intervals
coal swamp oxygen-poor environment where, over time, plant material changes into coal
inland sea body of water formed when open water flood continents
supercontinent ancient landmass that separated into present-day continents (Pangaea)
dinosaur dominant Mesozoic vertebrate that walked with legs positioned directly below its hips
evaporated changed from liquid to gas
plesiosaur Mesozoic marine reptile with a small head, long neck, and flippers
pterosaur Mesozoic flying reptile with large, bat-like wings
glacial groove gouge made by rocks carried in glaciers
hypothesize to make an assumption about something that is not positively known
ice age time when much of Earth's surface is covered by glaciers
mega-mammal large mammal of the Cenozoic era

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