Characteristics and development of organization culture Essay

Organizational Culture:
“ A specific system of running, commanding which represents and distinguishes an organisation from another organisation ”

“ Physical image of an organisation that is values, apprehension, attitude, norms of an organisation ”

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Characteristics and development of organization culture Essay
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Features of organisation civilization:
Organizational civilization plays major function in the development of an organisation. Its gives distinguishable value to organisation, it smoothen way for invention and hazard pickings, it provides stableness to organisation. Some more features of organisation construction are explained below.

Dominant value:

As the name indicates dominant values are specific qualities of a individual or an organisation. Major values of an organisation or individual are called as dominant value.


Complete model of an organisation for new coming employees and to the bing employees. All employees must obey all the regulations and ordinances of an organisation. Example, what clip to come, when to go forth, what to make and what non make etc.

Organization clime:

Is physical layout of an organisation that is how the edifice of an organisation, is it good decorated, how are employees of organisation, their frock their attitude toward clients etc?

Example: Standard Charted Bank. When we go there we will detect that edifice would be nicely decorated, all the employees will hold proper uniform etc which is the physical representation of Standard Chartered Bank


As we know for an organisation costumiers are king because without costumer organisation can non run. Doctrine is the chief feature of an organisation civilization because here we emphasis on how to handle clients and how to act costumiers.

Team orientation:

Team orientation is another outstanding feature of organisational civilization. Persons or groups of persons are grouped together to execute different activities of an organisation.

Invention and hazard pickings:

Working on new thing is called as invention, no uncertainty invention is rather hazardous but it can be really helpful for an organisation.

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Example sing organisation civilization:

Mobilink GSM: civilization of Mobilink GSM is to wholly fulfill client and stockholders wants, their dominant values include concern glare, assurance & A ; honesty value for public, corporate societal duty.

Sub Culture:
Sub civilization is fundamentally a civilization with in a civilization, like every organisation has its specific civilization so in organisation every section has its ain civilization that is manner of runing controlling of selling section is different than finance section and similarly civilization of HR section is different that marketing section.

Developing Organizational Culture:
While developing a civilization there are some factors which affect organisational civilization at a great, of which some are explained below.

Economic conditions:

Economic conditions has great affect on organisation civilization because if the clip for an organisation is comfortable so definitely organisations will be looking for inventions, new thoughts etc but on the other manus if clip is non comfortable, there are rising pricess for an organisations so no uncertainty organisation will confront a batch of jobs.


Formation or construction means how are undertakings ordered. In flexible structured organisation employees are motivated by giving them wagess etc. Employees are given good working status. On the other manus if the construction of organisation is nerve-racking so decidedly employees will be demotivated this will diminish their involvement degree of work.

Leadership manner:

Leader must implement such regulation and ordinances which are both convenient for employees to follow every bit good as profitable for organisation. It is up to the leader how he controls an organisation.

Changing Culture:
Changing organisational civilization is immense tough undertaking harmonizing to expert it takes 8 old ages for an organisation to alter their civilization as a whole, but largely organisations alter their negative civilization. Change in civilization can be made by altering mission and vision of an organisation etc. Some factors which are playing great function in altering organisation civilization are described below.

Mission and Vision:

In order to alter organisational civilization alterations must be made in the mission and vision statement of organisation. As mission and vision is communication purpose to stakeholders, mission and vision for an organisation should be sagely selected.

Change from top to toss off:

While altering organisational civilization it is of import that whatever alterations are made by an organisation it should be followed by top degree directors every bit good lower degree directors and employees because it is obvious if top directors are implementing new regulation and they them self non following regulation altering of civilization might non be possible.

Physical mark of civilization:

New civilization must be physically seeable that is manner of working, frock of employees and attitude toward stakeholders etc must fit the changed civilization.


Leader provides gesture for cultural change. It is the leader who will steer about new change of civilization plus leader is one who will implement new civilization.

Importance of civilization:
Culture affects over all activities of an organisation. It is the civilization which represents organisations that how they perform their different undertakings. Culture plays lively function in the motive of employees and civilization of an organisation is the communicating intent to other stakeholders like clients, rivals etc. Some of the outstanding points of civilization are explained below.


Culture of an organisation helps in the motive of employees because if the civilization of an organisation is flexible employees will be encouraged they will be interested in organisation, likewise if the civilization of an organisation is non carry throughing employees demand decidedly it will hold bad impact on success of an organisation.

Image of an organisation:

It is civilization which gives an organisation a typical image. Culture represents an organisation that is how is does an organisation execute their activities how are at that place attitude toward clients, employees and other stakeholders.


As discussed above civilization plays great function in communicating to clients and other stakeholders. Working manner, edifice manner and their attitudes attracts clients.


Culture provides flexibleness in an organisation by giving value to clients and holding friendly on the job status for employees and directors etc.

Types of civilization:
There are different types of civilization, which are expressed below.

Power civilization

Role civilization

Undertaking civilization

Person civilization

Undertaking for p3:
Individual behaviour at work:
Harmonizing to psychologist understanding human mind is really tough occupation as we know behavior of one individual will be different from another. Behavior of single varies harmonizing to conditions around. Example a individual named “ A ” is happy today, tomorrow some bad happens to him so another twenty-four hours individual “ A ” may non be happy. Why because there was alteration in environment for individual “ A ” .

Interpersonal behaviours are alteration from single behaviours, that is when a individual is entirely his/her personality alterations as compared to when an person is with other persons.

On the other manus group behaviour is different from interpersonal or single behaviour. Example individual named Ahmed sets with his co-workers, Ahmad ‘s attitude, manner and other things which are concerned with his personality will be alterations as compared to when Ahmad is entirely.

Personality is the general theoretical account of an person ‘s beliefs, feelings, and behaviours which represents manner of person ‘s affecting to the milieus. Personality of a individual involves individual ‘s tallness, weight, attitude, manner, believing etc. factors which affect personality are given below.

Heredity: It involves attitudes, feelings, believing and behavior etc that you learn from your parents, siblings etc. It is non 100 % certain that your personality will resemble to your parents and siblings it may change.

Environment: Your personality alterations harmonizing to environment you living.

If an single owns good personality that holding good attitude, good look etc decidedly that person ‘s behaviour at work would be appreciative.

Is a method in which single acquire in-coming information from their milieus and so arrange and construct out these to understand in a peculiar mode. Each in-coming information or go oning traveling on nearby of single is perceived in a peculiar manner by every person. Therefore perceptual experience is a centre for the communicating of a individual with its milieus both at occupation or other topographic point.

Perceptual selectivity:

Human heads are attacked by different information all the clip. What fundamentally perceptual selectivity means is that choosing of information by our head to understand, it is non under the control of human being. Further constituents of perceptual selectivity are.

Context 2. Nature of stimuli 3. Internal factors 4. Fear and injury

It is fundamentally the response of an person to all the actions go oning in environing to it. Attitude is really of import because it is attitude which represents you that is how you perform different undertaking and how you deal things go oning around you.

Ability of an person is congenital quality it changes which transition of clip like when an person perform some undertaking once more and once more a clip may come that individual will execute activity expeditiously. Ability of an person in organisation is required to obtain certain ends and aims.


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