Characteristics of Human Life

Term Definition
Abdominal Anterior torso below the diaphragm
Acromial Shoulder
Antebrachial Forearm
Antecubital Depressed area in front of the elbow
Axillary Armpit
Brachial Arm
Buccal Cheek
Calcaneal Heel of foot
Carpal Wrist
Cephalic Head
Cervical Neck
Coxal Hip
Cranial Head
Crural Leg
Cubital Elbow
Cutaneous Skin
Digital Fingers and toes
Dorsal Back or top
Facial Face
Femoral Thigh
Frontal Forehead
Gluteal Buttock
Hallux Great toe
Inguinal Groin
Mammary Breast
Manual Hand
Mental Chin
Nasal Nose
Navel Area around navel or umbilicus
Occipital Back of lower part of the skull
Olecranal Back of elbow
Oral Mouth
Orbital or Ophthalmic Eyes
Otic Ear
Palmar Palm of hand
Patellar Front of knee
Pedal Foot
Pelvic Lower portion of torso
Perineal Area between anus and genitals
Plantar Sole of foot
Pollex Thumb
Popliteal Area behind the knee
Pubic Pubis
Supraclavicular Above the clavicle
Sural Calf
Tarsal Ankle
Temporal Side of head
Thoracic Chest
Zygomatic Upper cheek

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