Characteristics of Science

Term Definition
Qualitative Observation An observation that does not involve measurements or numbers
Quantitative Observation An observation that involves numbers or measurements
Microscope A tool that makes small objects appear larger
Balance A tool that measures an object's mass
Graduated Cylinder A tool used to make quantitative observations of the volume of liquids
Investigation A procedure carried out to gather data about an object or event
Inquiry An organized way to gather information and answer questions
Experiment A procedure you carry out under controlled conditions to test a hypothesis
Dependent Variable The factor in an experiment that you measure and that may change because of what you are testing
Controlled Variables The factors in an experiment that remain the same so that the dependent variable can be measured
Criteria The specific qualities that allow you to group items together
Classify To group or organize objects or events into categories, based on criteria that are similar
Conclusion A decision you make, based on information
Scientific Method A series of steps used to plan and carry out an experiment
Hypothesis A testable possible answer to a scientific question
Evidence Information, collected during an investigation, to support a hypothesis

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