Chase McCleary (616 words) Essay

Chase McCleary
Instructor Beardsell
English 101
8 November 2016
Annotated Bibliography of Why Low Impact Logging Will Change the Forestry Industry
Pimm, Stuart. “The Global Benefits of Canada’s Logging Moratorium.” National Geographic Society Blogs, NatGeo, 5 Apr. 2011,

This article is credible because the author is a professor at Duke University and a conservation biologist as well as this pertains to a legit government study from Canada. This article is factual and gives solid statistics that agree with my points in the essay.
This is helpful to my argument because it gives numerous examples of how logging in Canada has and will benefit its environment. Pimm touches on the increase of Carbon emissions after a forest has been logged, which supports one of my claims.

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Chase McCleary (616 words) Essay
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AgatherMi, Mark. “Forest Management: Logging Has Numerous Benefits.”, Missoulian, 20 Sept. 2015,
This is an article found from a news and research website about the multiple benefits of logging, in general. I find this credible due to the sites positive reputation and its facts that are square with other sites I’ve seen. It is a .com website which deters me a bit, but after reading about the author he seems quite credible.
This article is great at supporting my opinion because it explains the progression on studies done on this topic. Touching on how we now can log in such a way that we “Emulate nature”. The article is short and sweet and is packed with quick facts on the topic.

Bicknell, Jake E., Struebig, Matthew J. “Modern Logging Techniques Benefit Rain Forest WIldlife.” ScienceDaily, ScienceDaily, 2015,

Here is another .com sight that proved viable. The article found at the link is an informational/summary on the good Loggings is doing in some Rainforests, conducted by the University of Kent. The authors Matthew and Jake are authors of a journal named The Journal of Applied Ecology, which also checks out in credibility.

I enjoy using this source for my argument because it helps fi the misconception we have of deforestation and will help the reader distinguish from Selective Loggings and Illegal Logging done in places like the Amazon. This source gives detail from a study conducted by Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology on how logging, in general, helps the wildlife adapt and ultimately thrive.

Holmes, Thomas P et al. “Financial Costs and Benefits of Reduced-Impact Logging Relative to Conventional Logging in the Eastern Amazon.”, US Conservation, 2012
This article, undoubtingly, is my most credible source. The data in it was tasked and collected by our government in 2012. It’s major contributors and author have sufficient backgrounds on the topic of conservation around the world. This research is also partnered with multi other countries conservation programs.

This article is my favorite piece of evidence to support how Logging can be safe and non-destructive. It is loaded with crunched numbers and cold hard facts from studies on log camps over several years. Though it only pertains to Eastern Amazon, its principle remains true for all around the world. This source helps me demonstrate the economics of logging as well.

“Patient Money: The Economics of Low-Impact Logging.” 2012,
This article/study is mostly reliable because the organization who created it is a non-profit, educational group. Its facts are reasonable and has good explanations for all of its claims.

This is a good source for my argument because it explains how and why Impact-Loggings should be done. With charts to visualize certain aspects of the process to fully understand how this is the best way to log commercially.


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