Cheating: Academic Dishonesty and Education Systems Essay

Cheating Nowadays, education is the best investment for students In the future. Everybody needs to go to school in purpose, and there are many reasons for studying. Students have choices for the ways of studying and obligations for what they did. Education systems are lenient in their rules; so causing cheating, academic cheating Includes copying test answers, paying someone to do homework, and copy from Internet. According to Rowan Wood, ” A whopping 40 percent of United States undergraduates admitted to some form of cheating In their college courses” Why do they do so?

The asses of cheating In college will now be explored. I found 3 causes of cheating In college: grades, Justification, and no academic support. One causes of cheating In college Is grades. As you know, students have a group to study In class. So they don’t want to be inferior to one’s friends and they are going to cheat to get A. A person, who is a good student, will try to cheat, to show that they are smart, and they can achieve their goals in school. How do they show that? That is grades. In addition, many parents want their children to be good students, therefore more pressure will e created on their children.

Many students want to cheat to impress their parents and hope that they receive several good rewards and compliments. Students also want to cheat just because they want to change the grades from B to A. They think that A is a high level to find a job. One more thing in cheating is they don’t need knowledge, they just want to pass the level they take. As an example, my friend, who takes LA has cheated in many tests and he has admitted that he was a cheater. He also told me that he just want to be passed this level and he did not want to go to school for knowledge.

He is Just going to school for his parents. Another cause of cheating in college is Justification. The study found that the most common justification is other students cheat and they notion that “everyone does it”. Another way for justification is “denial of obligation” such as by saying that they had a lot of homework to do and little time, or these exams so difficult to do. They also lay the blame on workload. That students have Jobs outside school and they have to work hard to earn money, therefore they are so tired when they got home. Some student lay the blame on teachers.

They say that “they cannot understand what they are talking about”. As an example, I have asked a friend who Is a cheater that “why do you Like to cheat on tests”. And he said “everyone does It and I have a Job so I comeback home at 2 AM…. ” He still continues to cheat on tests because he thinks that It does not matter. He has passed many level In SOL class but up to now, he did not know how to use English Final cause of cheating In college Is no academic support. The teachers In college did not spend time for cheating In class, and some teachers just give student a sheet of paper to read the rules.

As you know, there are different ways of punishing their students. Some teachers just give the students a warning when they cheated and other ones give them a second chance to do the tests. There is a class Walt canter Just Decease ten teachers don’t nave Skills to Alcoves cheating of students. The students use the phone and the signal to each other’s, but the teachers did not realize that they are cheater. Another group of teachers is ignorer. That mean they can see the students cheat but they did not do anything, and they ignore everything so that they can do their Job easily.

We have to do survey for each end semesters and the students who are called cheater will rate them well. Rowan Wood states that school have to be clearly exhibition the regulation for cheating or when a student is caught and what student should do. I think that isn’t enough because of no academic support we cannot do that. We should do something stronger like we have to flunk out some cheaters do in purpose. As an example, in my classes there is a group of cheater deliberately share their homework to each other’s and the teacher does not want to discover that problem even though they know that.

Another teacher gives them a warning that “don’t do that again”. Day after day, time passes away they still are professional cheaters. One day they are discovered by a good teacher and they think it is a bad luck day. In conclusion, it can be seem that, causes of cheating in college are grades, Justification, and no academic support. They are so varied, with some causes being negative. Due to the fact that cheater never win and winner never cheat we should reject cheaters in school. We should support the cheaters turn on honest people. In the future, education systems will be better without cheaters.

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